President, National Bank Leonid Talmaci of Moldova

Parliament Chairman Marian Lupu has dispelled rumors that National Bank of Moldova Governor Leonid Talmaci had allegedly tendered resignation.
Earlier this month, some local media distributed stories that Leonid Talmaci was on the brink of resigning, and that the post would be given to Marian Lupu, so the Moldovan Parliament was, allegedly, going to have a new Speaker - Christian Democratic Popular Party leader Iurie Rosca, who is a Deputy Speaker currently.
Leonid Talmaci was born on April 26, 1956 in the Reteni village (Riscani raion in northern Moldova.
dropping from $300 million to $200 million.
Leonid Talmaci has held the post of National Bank governor since June 1991.
Talmaci said the National Bank would soon submit.
Talmaci is claimed to be the "most stable" politician in the history of the Republic of Moldova (10 years.