Minister of Finance Mariana Durlesteanu of Moldova

As Moldova’s first resident ambassador to the UK, Mariana Durlesteanu is determined to put her embassy on London’s diplomatic map.
At 33, Durlesteanu is also the capital’s youngest ambassador, having crammed enough experience in her short career to last a lifetime.
Having met just about every head of state from George W Bush to Fidel Castro, as well as being blessed by the late Pope John Paul II, President Voronin decided Durlesteanu had acquired enough of the skills necessary to launch a diplomatic career.
With new governments in Ukraine and Romania, Durlesteanu is more optimistic that a solution is possible and discussions on the establishment of common border with Ukraine are under way.
Mariana Durlesteanu said multilateral creditors – the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the International Agriculture Development Fund, the Bank of the Council of Europe, the Investment Bank were Moldova’s main creditors in its foreign debt structure.
Mariana Durlesteanu was given the finance ministry where she served as number two in the outgoing government, but Economy Minister Igor Dodon kept his job.