Minister of Information Development Pavel Buceatchi of Moldova

Buceatchi has also mentioned: “We plan to implement a series of projects regarding the building of information society in the next 10 years.
Professional activity:- starting with 1983 he works at the plant Signal- from 1993 in the Ministry of Internal Affairs- from 1995 the State Enterprise Register- in 2005 appointed Deputy Minister of Information DevelopmentOn the basis of the Parliament vote of confidence, by Presidential Decree, on 31 March 2008, Pavel BUCEATCHI is appointed Minister of Information Development.
Pavel Buceatchi says prolonging the term of documenting the population living in the Eastern districts will boost the process of issuing Moldovan identity cards.
Pavel Buceatchi expressed hope that the law toughening would reduce the Moldovan citizenship-renouncing statistic.
Pavel Buceatchi was born on April 10, 1959 in Chisinau.
Starting from 2005 Vice Minister of Information Development.
On the basis of Parliament confidence vote and by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Moldova dated March 31, 2008, Pavel Buceatchi was appointed the Minister of Information Development.