Prosecutor General Valeriu Gurbulea of Moldova

Prosecutor-General Valeriu Gurbulea said that the mechanisms created by the competent bodies proved to be inefficient in actions to prevent and combat the trafficking of persons.
Attending the Government's meeting, Moldova's Prosecutor General Valeriu Gurbulea said the draft embodied the domestic particulars as well as legal standards applied to the activity of the public prosecution bodies in other countries.
Also, General Prosecutor Valeriu Gurbulea had a meeting with the representatives of the US State’s Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking (OMCTFU), Amy J.
Gurbulea denied that certain cases have been filed for political reasons and he assured that he did not participate in persecution of some opponents of the governance.
As regards the reformation of the Prosecutors Office, Gurbulea said that this institution is generally reformed and only its place in magistracy must be established.
Prosecutor General Valeriu Gurbulea has also had a meeting with representatives of the Office for Monitoring and Combating Human Trafficking of the US Department of State.
So far, Gurbulea has held the office of deputy prosecutor general.
At the same time, Gurbulea denied the accusations brought against him.
Vladimir Turcan said that the faction considers that Gurbulea has the necessary training, is responsible and will honour his duties.
According to the order signed by the General Prosecutor, Valeriu Gurbulea was to go on vacation on 27 July.
A day before leaving for Turkey, Gurbulea had a discussion, in his office, with the director of AIR Moldova Company, Dorin Timciuc.
From his former colleagues from the municipal prosecutor’s office we found that, a few years ago, Gurbulea was an ordinary prosecutor and often would ask cigarettes from his colleagues.
So, Gurbulea is not the only one who can afford to live in luxury, without reporting to those that pay him to eradicate corruption.
We regretfully conclude that for this dignitary, as well as for many others, paid from our money, of the taxpayers, there are no laws, or, as Gurbulea said ‘I am the boss and I do what I want.
Until present, Gurbulea has held the office of first deputy prosecutor general.
The chairman of the juridical commission for rules and immunities, Vladimir Turcan, said that the speaker's proposal was forwarded in line with the constitutional provisions and that Gurbulea meets the qualities necessary for the office of prosecutor general.
Asked to comment upon the great number of decisions condemning the Moldovan government by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), Gurbulea said that the prosecution has been informed about these actions by the governmental agent to the ECHR, and sometimes, the prosecution familiarizes itself with the condemnation cases.