Minister of Reintegration Vasile Sova of Moldova

If the package were to be accepted, Sova said the Moldovan parliament would move to approve relevant constitutional and legal changes within a month.
Vasile Sova said the Transnistrian delegation did not propose anything new, and only kept insisting on approving the Kozak Memorandum.
Vasile Sova said no concrete, technical questions, such as e.
Reintegration Minister Vasile Sova had a meeting with EU Special Representative for Moldova Kalman Mizsei and US ambassador to Moldova Asif Chaudhry on Monday.
Mr Sova says the plan "accommodates Russian interests to the extent.
Vasile Sova said that this has not been done.
We are very dissatisfied with the failure to reach a consensus on the settlement of the conflict, during the third round of negotiations, the Moldovan Reintegration Minister Vasile Sova said after the negotiations ended.
At the same time, Sova said that the proposals denote Ukraine's intention to assume a greater role in the Transnistrian settlement process, which is a positive development.
Sova said that as a result of the concerned decision, Transnistria s exports stood at 5,848.