Minister of Transport and Roads Management Vasile Ursu of Moldova

Vasile Ursu has also mentioned that the obligatory technical testing of cars is included in the National Implementation Program of the Republic of Moldova-European Union Action Plan for 2005-2006, which was positively appreciated by the European experts.
Minister Vasile Ursu has repeatedly declared that this testing is performed according to European standards.
July, 1, 1926 - Gheorghe Ursu was born in the Bessarabean town of Soroca.
On April 28, interim Chisinau mayor Vasile Ursu denied an application by the Moldovan organization GenderDoc-M to hold a public demonstration as part of its fifth annual Moldovan Pride Festival on May 5-7.
Ursu is the former vice-mayor, but continues to act on an interim basis due to a low turnout in repeated elections.
Vasile Ursu is exercising the function of interim-mayor of Chisinau and is member of Our Moldova Alliance.
Ursu is out of political parties interests.
Vasile Ursu said that Moldova has already a law on national minorities and there is no point in a rally.
First of all, Ursu is part of the ex- general mayor’s, Serafim Urecheanu, team, which Voronin called recently a “nest of corruption” and to which he has declared open war.
Then, after Ursu was transferred to Chisinau Mayor’s Office, the Department of Architecture and Town Planning refused to issue them the town planning certificate, in spite of the fact that this structure had been the one to draft and approve the renovation project of the shop.
For example, an official from the Department for Architecture and Town Planning, Iurie Antoniuc, told her directly that she had to sign what Ursu had asked her to, and Victor Costiusca, an official from the same structure, said that the only way to get out of trouble was by approving the basement’s privatization.
Don’t you know the position I hold? In a few days I will be Deputy Mayor and I’ll show you how to work with or without a license!” On 22 October 2004, at 6 pm, Claudia Gadirov says, Ursu came accompanied by his son, his son-in-law, and other eight persons.
At our request, the CCCEC investigator, Veaceslav Ionisie, confirmed to US that this institution was instrumenting two criminal cases in which Ursu was also subject to criminal investigations.
Why does the investigator refuse to speak? Does he know by habit that he is not supposed to touch the persons backed up by Voronin or did he receive instructions? Or, maybe Ursu is being held in a check position until the elections are over or he is no longer needed? The shop owner said that she had been subpoenaed only once to the Prosecutor’s Office, and then, everytime she was asking the representatives of the law-enforcement bodies about the case’s fate, she would be told to wait for the “parliamentary elections”, then for the “mayor’s elections” and so on.
We asked Vasile Ursu to express his opinion on the two criminal cases in which he is investigated on.
protect LGBT people because Moldova is a "Christian" society.
Chisinau, 14 October /MOLDPRES/ - Chisinau's Orthodox holiday has this year, a special connotation, as Moldova's capital celebrates its 570th anniversary, and the God's Birth Cathedral - 170th anniversary, acting mayor Vasile Ursu said within the holiday's inaugurating ceremony on the Great National Assembly Square.
Ursu said that the municipal administration has organized more cultural and entertainment actions for the Chisinau residents and for the guests.
I invite you to participate in the events on the stages from the capital's districts and in downtown Chisinau, so as to live the holiday's beauty," Ursu said in his congratulatory message to the capital's residents.
Vasile Ursu is currently Chisinau’s mayor ad-interim.
part of its fifth annual Moldovan Pride Festival on May 5-7.
Gheorghe Ursu was a Romanian construction engineer, poet, writer and dissident who was beaten to death while in the Securitate's custody.
Ursu was born in the city of Soroca, now in Moldova.