Deputy Prime Minister Victor Stepaniuc of Moldova

Victor Stepaniuc is the Ideology Secretary of the ruling Moldovan Communist Party (MCP) Central Committee and a member of the MCP Political Executive Committee.
Stepaniuc has a vast experience of work with voters, and observers presume his appointment as Deputy Prime Minister is an element of the governing party's preparation for the 2009 parliamentary elections, and for a subsequent electing of a country president by parliamentary majority.
currently being negotiated with four donor-countries.
Stepaniuc said that such a situation could be triggered by the existence of gaps in the legislative and normative framework which regulates the activity of tourism operators.
Required yesterday by Ziarul de Garda, after the presidents declarations, Victor Stepaniuc has changed his opinion, confirming in a certain manner that the rough picture of this phenomenon is not created by the press and NGOs.
Victor Stepaniuc said that the US.
Victor Stepaniuc said that, on this period, the leadership took more actions, among which the resumption of investigations against officials, former Interior Ministry (MAI) employees, so as to check their involvement in human trafficking cases, the statistics of the cases of officials' involvement for 2007-2008 was specified, six criminal files on officials' involvement in human trafficking were opened, a code of conduct for government officials started being elaborated, so as to counteract attempts of their direct or indirect involvement in the process of trafficking people, seminars and meetings were held to ensure cooperation between the state and international structures, as well as the civil society.
In his letter Victor Stepaniuc said the Civil coalition for free and fair elections “Coalition-2005” that includes 152 NGOs including representatives of election competitors at the 2005-parliamentary elections, is financed by international organizations, foreign states.
Having considered the language used, the fact that the statements had been written by a journalist concerning a matter of public interest, Mr Stepaniuc had been a high-ranking politician at the relevant time and the domestic courts had not distinguished between statements of fact and value judgments, the Court took the view that there had been no relevant and sufficient reasons for the Moldovan courts to find that the applicants had defamed Mr Stepaniuc.
The Court further noted that MrStepaniuc was a very high-ranking politician at the time of the events.
MD, Victor Stepaniuc said that the festival becomes more and more popular with the people from the former Soviet countries and from European countries.