Minister of Defense Vitalie Vrabie of Moldova

Meanwhile, Vitalie Vrabie is holding civil positions; in 1995-1999 he is Member of Ungheni City Council, Director of the Ungheni Office of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
In 1999 Vitalie Vrabie is elected Mayor of Ungheni and then re-elected to this position in 2003.
586-IV of May 25 2006, Vitalie Vrabie is appointed Minister of Local Public Administration.
According to the presidential press service, the head of state also signed a decree naming Deputy Minister of Local Public Administration Valentin Guznac as Minster of Local Public Administration.
Meeting the chairwoman of the EU extension department of the British Foreign Ministry, Vivien Life, and the president of the Moldovan-British Friendship Committee, Lord Alfred Dubs, Vrabie praised Britain s support in different sectors, including Moldova's European aspirations and the settlement of the Transnistrian conflict.
Moldovan Defence Minister Vitalie Vrabie is on a 5-7 November visit to London, at the invitation of British Armed Forces Minister Bob Ainsworth.
Moldovan Defense Minister Vitalie Vrabie praised his country's close cooperation with the USA, which according to the ministry "facilitates the process of the military reforms in Moldova.