Prime Minister Zinaida Greceanii of Moldova

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Under the constitution, Ms Greceanii has 15 days from the date of the decree to submit her government's program and a list of executive members to parliament.
Greceanii leads the Moldavian delegation during their official visit to Bulgaria.
5 Dec 2008 22:15:10Just for the record - Mrs Zinaida Greceanii is the leader of a goverment representing the Comunist Party of Moldova.
A solution must be peaceful and transparent, Greceanii said in a joint news conference with Czech counterpart Mirek Topolanek during a two-day official visit.
Zinaida Greceanii took over as prime minister from Vasile Tarlev, who resigned after a Communist Party conference earlier this month called for change and fresh blood in order to revive the partys flagging electoral fortunes.
Greceanii is seen in Moldova as a safe pair of hands who can provide the momentum the party needs to win back favour with disenchanted voters.
Greceanii has to play the role of a shock-absorber, against which the arrows of criticism from the opposition will crash," said Andrei Popov, executive director of the Foreign Policy Association.
Greceanii was previously a first deputy prime minister in charge of relations with international financial institutions, involved with US.
Greceanii has 15 days to present a new government to Parliament, which will then vote on whether to approve the new Cabinet.
Under the Constitution, Zinaida Greceanii is to submit to the parliament for adoption the new governments activity program and the whole list of the executive in a 15-day period after her designation.
Zinaida Greceanii was born in 1956, and graduated from the Chisinau-based Financial and Economic College and the Moldovan State University, specialty of economist.
In that year, Zinaida Greceanii was appointed to the post of deputy prime minister of Moldova, under presidential decree.
Greceanii accepted this job, I will therefore make a (wish)list against which I will evaluate her performance until the end of her mandate.
Greceanii was Minister of Finance from 2002 to 2005 and afterwards was appointed vice Prime Minister.
Greceanii is considered to be highly capable in financial and energetic matters, and loyal to the president Voronin.
Even if experts make pessimistic forecasts, Prime Minister Zinaida Greceanii is optimistic about the effects of the world financial crisis on the Moldovan economy.
At the traditional conference held by the Premier every three months, Greceanii said that most probably the Moldovans working abroad would not return home.
Moldova and the region it is a part of benefit from increasing attention from the US Government and from international bodies.
Stanishev spoke after he, Fico and Moldovan Prime Minister Zinaida Greceanii met with Putin.
Greceanii leads the Moldavian delegation.
Moldova's PM Zinaida Greceanii leads the Moldavian delegation during their official visit to Bulgaria.
Within the visit Greceanii had bilateral meetings with Romanian President Traian Basescu, Romanian Prime Minister Calin Poescu-Tariceanu, and the Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Djucanovic.
Zinaida Greceanii was the Finance Minister from 2002 till 2005, when was named the Moldovan First Deputy Prime Minister.
In her turn, PM Zinaida Greceanii has expressed her 'gratitude for the support extended to her country's European integration hopes.
PM Greceanii has also stated that the Republic of Moldova further counts on Romania's support.
Moldovan Prime Minister Zinaida Greceanii is due to arrive in Moscow later on Thursday and will meet with Vladimir Putin on Friday.
Greceanii was a former finance minister from 2002 to 2005, when she was appointed deputy prime minister, a post she has held since.