Minister of Economy and Finance Franck Biancheri of Monaco

Biancheri had previously founded the European Students' Forum (AEGEE) in 1985 and the thinktank Leap2020 in 1998.
trans-European political movement.
French, Dutch, GermanÂ… governments.
Europe embodied by the emerging populist trends.
in the history of European democracy.
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Franck Biancheri is the President of the think tank Europe 2020, and the initiator of the European Union Student Vote project, the on-line election of a European Student Council.
Biancheri is namely the author of Vision Europe 2020, about future EU political trends, published in 2002, thought up by the under 40 European generation at that time.
Details: Franck Biancheri is Director of Studies and Strategy for the think-tank Europe 2020.
Franck Biancheri is the Director of Studies and Strategy for Europe 2020 where he heads a series of seminars, Global Europe 2020, that focuses on the future of EU Common External Policy.
Franck Biancheri was at that time the founding president of Aegee (the biggest european student organisation.
Franck Biancheri was interviewed by the Magazine of the Political Science faculty at the University of Leipzig, Germany.
As he is the founding father and ex-president of the European student movement AEGEE and as a former independent consultant to the Commission, Franck Biancheri knows how politics is run in Europe.
Biancheri expresses that the French and Dutch no vote to the European constitution proves that Europe has entered a new phase in history.
On this subject Biancheri had to 'disappoint' the audience: "Newropeans is already making a mature political programme which will deal with almost all questions Europe is facing today, like immigration, education and foreign policy.