Ambassador to the US Gilles Noghes of Monaco

Gilles Noghes is the Ambassador to the United Nations for Monaco.
Noghes said that far from thinking that Monaco was unmoved and far away from the great political, social and cultural transformation of the European environment that surrounded it, his country wished to join the Council of Europe, attesting its continued aspiration towards the enjoyment of an ideal democracy.
Ambassador Noghes praised Istanbul and the book,remarkingI salute Mrs.
Noghes is one of The Chiefs of Diplomatic Missions from more than 45 countries who toured various facilities around Kennedy.
this is only the beginning for Shanghai.
Noghes has his own personal ties to the United States — his wife Ellen is originally from Michigan.
Noghes said the project is budgeted at around 5 billion euros and will create some 3 million square feet of new office and residential space on various levels.
Ambassador Gilles Noghes said Monaco has purchased a mansion that will be his residence in the US.
Noghes was Minister-Counsellor at Monaco’s Embassy to France, Monaco’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and a member of the Latin Union.
Ambassador Noghes said that Prince Albert wants his country to be a shining example of international cooperation and of responsible treatment of the environment.