Minister of State Jean-Paul Proust of Monaco

Proust is Minister of State, not Prime Minister.
Summary Jean-Paul Sartre's critique of Marcel Proust is an important moment of mediation between Continental philosophical thought and the history and theory of French literature.
Tidbits:From a well-to-do family, young Marcel Proust was a critic, translator and socialite in Paris at the turn of the.
The genius of Proust is the totality of the works of Proust; the genius of Racine is the series of his tragedies, outside of which there is nothing.
Paris police chief Jean-Paul Proust said today that a large-scale simulated sarin attack last night on the Paris Metro subway system yielded good results but demonstrated that improvements are needed (see GSN, Oct 22.
At a press conference this morning, Proust said Parisians can be reassured about their citys capacity to respond to such an attack, because they have emergency services of exceptional quality.
The attack, which Proust said was of medium importance, caused 54 virtual casualties, including two deaths (Agence France-Presse/La Tribune, Oct 23, GSN translation.
the aim of the exercise is, in real time, to see how all the rescue teams work together in a hostile environment, how coordination works under the Piratox emergency plan drawn up in the past year, Proust said earlier (CNN.
Proust said the fire appeared to be electrical in nature.
Prime Minister of Monaco Jean-Paul Proust received in Monaco Thursday 10/7/2008 Mrs.
Minister of State Jean-Paul Proust is the head of government for Monaco.