Ambassador to the US Khasbazaryn Bekhbat of Mongolia

Bekhbat said that the public plenary would immediately be followed by a private plenary to discuss the issue of prevention of an arms race in outer space.
Bekhbat said that, thanks to the collective wisdom within the Conference, he believed that the Conference would be able to stand up and face the challenges.
Khasbazaryn Bekhbat, 57, is the new Ambassador of Mongolia to the US.
One of his countrys most experienced and distinguished diplomats, Ambassador Bekhbat had been State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since April 2006.
Bekhbat was Head of the Political Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Mongolia.
Bekhbat said many delegations said the re-establishment of an Ad Hoc Committee on prevention of an arms race in outer space in the Conference, with an appropriate mandate, would be highly welcomed.
follow-up to this exercise had also been raised.