Minister of Justice Abdelwahed Radi of Morocco

Justice Minister Abdelwahed Radi was asked on Tuesday by HM King Mohammed VI to stay in office and pursue his mission as a cabinet member.
Radi had promised to resign as minister of justice if he was elected a SG of the USFP.
Skhirat (close to Rabat), Nov 08 (MAP) - Abdelwahed Radi was elected, early Saturday in Skhirat, as new Secretary General of the Socialist Union of Popular Forces (USFP-left), during the 2nd round of the party's 8th National Congress.
Moroccan Justice Minister Abdelwahed Radi said that while he intends to leave his position in the cabinet when he takes charge of the USFP, the move may take time.
During Tuesday's conference, Radi said he supports an expanded role for the USFP within the government, and that the party will renegotiate its presence in the executive branch.
Several members have said Radi is the ideal man for this period of crisis.
Posted 2008-11-14Some said that Radi is the right man.
Justice Minister Abdelwahed Radi said "Penal institutions, when they are full, cannot offer decent living conditions.
Justice Minister Abdelwahed Radi has publicly acknowledged the problems of overcrowding.
Radi said that to make prisons more humane, twenty more penal institutions should be built and a further 1.
At the USFP National Congress over the weekend, Justice Minister Abdelwahed Radi was elected as the party’s new secretary general.
Abdelwahed Radi is one of the founders of the national union of popular forces (the socialist union of popular forces), in which he occupied leadership responsibilities.
Abdelwahed Radi is known as a great figure of the political action in Morocco within the national union of popular forces.
Abdelwahed Radi was elected secretary general of the National union of higher education (SNEP) from1968to 1974.
Abdelwahed Radi was elected parliamentary deputy since 1963and was re-elected member of the house of representatives during the legislative mandates 1977-1984and 1984-1993and 1993-1997and 1997-2002 and 2002-2007,as well as in the current legislative mandate.
Abdelwahed Radi says ending the death penalty could be accomplished as part of a revision of Morocco's penal code, Med Basin Newsline reported Monday.