Minister of Industry, Commerce, and New Technologies Ahmed Chami of Morocco

Speaking at the House of Representatives' Finance and Economic Development commission, Ahmed Chami said Morocco attracted some USD 13Bn investments over the period 2000-2006.
His Excellency Minister Ahmed Chami has been Minister of Trade, Foreign Investment and New Technology since October 2007.
In this capacity, Mr Chami is in charge of the group's development projects and the operational supervision of subsidiaries, in particular the Essaada Insurance Company, Mondial Assistance and the group's companies specializing in information technology.
Mr Chami was President of Microsoft South East Asia in Singapore from 2003-04, prior to which he was Regional Manager for Emerging Countries at Microsoft South East Asia, in Singapore (2001-2003) and General Manager Microsoft North West Africa, in Morocco (1997-2001.
We have made more commitment in this region," Chami said during a trip to Bangkok.
Mr Ahmed Chami was appointed Minister for Trade, Industry and New Technologies in October 2007 and is seen as one of the rising stars of the current Moroccan government.