Minister of Habous and Islamic Affairs Ahmed Toufiq of Morocco

Ahmed Toufiq is a well-known writer and scholar from Morocco.
In 1989 Ahmed Toufiq received the Moroccan Book Prize for his novel “Shajarat Hinna' Wa Qamar” (A Tree of Henna and a Moon.
Toufiq was appointed as minister for Islamic affairs in the government of Morocco in November 2002.
The move is aimed at reinforcing religious orientation in the mosques," Minister Toufiq said at the ceremony.
Mr Toufiq was making an official visit to Belgium in response to an invitation by Minister De Gucht.
Toufiq said Moroccan pilgrims would be landing in Madinah airport in addition to Jeddah, to avoid delays.
Novelist and historian Ahmed Toufiq has served as director of the National Library of Morocco and as a professor of history at the University of Mohammed V in Rabat.
Ahmed Toufiq is Minister of Habous and Islamic Affairds for the government of Morocco.
Islamic extremists killed 41 people.
Toufiq has offered to hold a dialogue between Morocco and Spain, making use of thaw in relations after the visit of Spanish Prime Minister to Morocco on April 24.