Minister of Energy, Mines, Water, and Environment Amina Benkhadra of Morocco

During a cabinet meeting last Tuesday Minister of Energy and Mining Amina Benkhadra said the new energy strategy aims to safeguard energy supplies by seeking new sources, achieving an optimal energy mix and developing sustainable regional and international integration.
Benkhadra said that in order to rein in demand, energy use for street lighting, buildings, industry and transport will be reviewed and adjusted to consume less energy.
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Benkhadra has said that experts are "convinced that the two neighboring off-shores are of similar geologically" and that this similarity makes it very probable that oil will be discovered also in the Moroccan region.
Mrs Benkhadra said the prospecting operations of three offshore drillings "are not negative," but did not yield signs of profit-making oil or natural gas presence.
Benkhadra said some 31,700 villages have been connected to the electrical grid since the launch of the Global Rural Electrification program (PERG), benefiting some 767,000 households.
Moroccos Energy Minister Amina Benkhadra said the government is seeking to overcome the oil deficit caused by the soaring oil prices at the international market and its repercussions on Morocco.
Benkhadra has increasingly stressed the importance of putting a strategy in place to counteract the negative impact the rising price of crude is having on Moroccos economy.
Benkhadra met in Laayoune with representatives of the US Kerr Macgee and the French Total Fina Elf, which are bound to Morocco by oil drilling contracts in the southern provinces.
Ms Benkhadra described the oil reserves in the off-shore area as very interesting from the geological standpoint.
Lone Star Energy company will conduct experiments to accurately assess the volume of reserves, Ms Benkhadra said adding that the reserves of the Sidi Belkacem I wells are assessed at 7.
Morocco is considering the use of nuclear technology to produce electricity by the year 2017, Energy Minister, Amina Benkhadra has announced here.
The strategy includes boosting the promotion of sedimentary basins, developing partnerships, using new technologies on exploration, and exploiting data relating to sedimentary basins, Energy and Mining Minister Amina Benkhadra was quoted as saying.
Morocco's strategy in the energy sector aims atboosting national production to 5,000 MGW during the upcoming five years to satisfythe growing demand for energy, the kingdom's Minister of Energy and Mines, Amina Benkhadra was quoted as saying by MAP.
Moroccan Energy Minister Amina Benkhadra said the ministry was working on a bill that would promote renewable energy by creating a favorable investment climate, the online publication Morocco Today reported.
Benkhadra said Morocco's renewable energy potential from wind power reached 6,000 megawatts a day.
Benkhadra has announced that Morocco was poised to set up the Moroccan Energy Development Fund worth US$1 billion, revealing that the amount includes US$300 donated by Sheikh Khalifa, to help Morocco overcome pinch of the soaring oil prices.
Energy and Mines, Amina Benkhadra was quoted as saying by MAP.
Morocco is deploying considerable efforts to increase renewable energies in the national energy output from 4% to 10% by 2012 to meet the need for energy, which grows 8% each year, Minister of Energy, Amina Benkhadra said on Wednesday.