Minister of Employment and Vocational Training Jamal Aghmani of Morocco

During the signing ceremony, Moroccan Employment and Professional Training Minister Jamal Aghmani said the agreement will further encourage the development of cooperation relations between Morocco and Mauritania, while expressing the hope that it will also serve as a launching pad for the development of social services and cooperation between the two institutions.
Aghmani said the increase is due to efforts made by the State across all sectors: investment and the introduction of incentives, policies on major infrastructure developments in tourism (Plan Azur), housing and industry (Plan Emergence), and the National Initiative for Human Development, which have created a combined 300,000 job opportunities.
Employment Minister Jamal Aghmani said great efforts have been made to guarantee the quality of services.
Mr Aghmani said that between 2001 and 2006, the amount of people taken on by training centres working in the tourism sector grew by 51.