Minister of Communications and Government Spokesperson Khalid Naciri of Morocco

There's no room for giving this decision a political dimension," Naciri was quoted as saying at a news conference following a weekly cabinet meeting.
Rabat- Morocco adopts a preventive policy in terms of countering terrorism, as the action of the security services lays on protecting the citizens and their properties, Communication Minister, Spokesman for the Government, Khalid Naciri said on Friday.
Rescue workers were still digging through the rubble Thursday in the Hay Oulad Waj district of Kenitra, 30 kilometres (20 miles) north of the capital, and Naciri said the government was "committed to shedding light on all the circumstances.
Naciri is member of the political bureau of party of progress and socialism (PPS) and former chairman of Moroccan human rights organization.
Sixteen people were killed and 30 injured when an apartment block being built in Morocco collapsed, Communications Minister Khalid Naciri said Thursday, raising the casualty toll.
Moroccan Minister of Communication Khalid Naciri said the government is not involved in recent lawsuits against the independent press.
Naciri was referring to a lawsuit against independent newspaper Al Massae, which was ordered to pay 6m dirhams for libel against four deputy royal prosecutors who the court said the newspaper accused of homosexuality.
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Moroccan Communications Minister Khalid Naciri says the RSF report on press freedoms lacks credibility.
Moroccos Communications Minister Khalid Naciri said Wilders was mentally retarded.
Moroccan Minister of Communications Khalid Naciri praised the 13th Cairo Arab Media Festival.
Moroccan communications Minister and Moroccan government spokesman Khalid Naciri has announced that the Berber-language television channel will begin broadcasting in 2009.
Information Minister Khalid Naciri said Sunday that he had no choice but to ban the current issue because of the offensive nature of the articles it contained.
Morocco relies on the clear-sightedness of US foreign policy in dealing with Sahara issueMorocco relies on the clear-sightedness of US foreign policy in dealing with the Sahara issue, Spokesman for the Government, Khalid Naciri said on Thursday, "The stances of the American diplomacy on this issue, notably at the level of the UN Security Council, clearly show that the US administration knows perfectly well all the aspects of this issue," said Naciri during a press briefing in an answer to a question on the upcoming visit to Morocco of US Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice.
Moroccan communications minister Khalid Naciri said the amendment would facilitate a legal framework and practical measures to ensure the ambitious project takes off, according to the Maghrebia news site.
Morocco "firmly rejects" and "totally disapproves of this deplorable initiative," government spokesman Khalid Naciri said Thursday.
Khalid Naciri said this decision "will enable to save energy and adapts the time zone to the relations between Morocco and its regional and international partners, including European Union countries.