Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Mohamed Loulichki of Morocco

Mohamed Loulichki took over as ambassador-coordinator with the MINURSO (French acronym for the UN mission for the holding of a referendum in the Sahara) at a ceremony in Laayoune on Wednesday.
Regarding the Algerian ambassador's comment on the respect of the right to determination, Loulichki said that there are measures that determine the limit of this principle in order not to dismember the states and keep their territorial integrity.
Loulichki said the kingdom considers the taskforce as one of the most important special procedures of this council.
Geneva, "The system of international protection of refugees is not confined to the mere management in situ, but notably includes the right of people to move freely, to know the prospects of a lasting solution and to be constantly able to decide on their situation and future," Morocco's Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations Office in Geneva, Mohamed Loulichki said on Tuesday Speaking before the UNHCR's 42nd Standing Committee Meeting, the Moroccan diplomat said that "this is a shared responsibility between the state, which hosts these people on its territory, and the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR.
Noting that distinction between refugees and asylum seekers falls under the jurisdiction of states, Loulichki said that these states are called to adopt the necessary guarantees to prevent abuses.
Loulichki said Morocco, under the agreement with UNHCR concluded in July 2007, issued instructions in order to comply with the UNHCR documents and not to arrest or deport people who fall under the jurisdiction of the High Commissioner for Refugees.
Everybody has to join in this venture, starting from the family, the school, and the parents' associations, which seem to require a particular attention from US, Loulichki said at the ninth session of the Human Rights Council.