Minister-Delegate to the Prime Minister in Charge of General and Economic Affairs Nizar Baraka of Morocco

Baraka said the north African country is the only country that has not raised the price ofvital commodities, such as bread and petroleum products, whose prices have gone up by around 40% in several countries.
In a presentation, Thursday in Paris, at a convention on democratisation in the Maghreb, Baraka said the reform of the family code enabled to advance women-men equality, adding civil liberties have been reinforced thanks to the substantial work of the justice and reconciliation commission (IER.
Baraka said one of the most important achievements is the breaking with the past and the organisation of fair elections in 2000, which helped clarify the political map and created a precedent in electoral practice.
Nizar Baraka is the Delagate Minister to H.
5% Economy Minister Nizar Baraka had announced.
Moroccan Economy Minister Nizar Baraka said last week that Morocco is experiencing a purchasing power crisis.
Baraka described how his ministry identified failings in the fund related to an unchecked budget, the growing dependency on world markets and the many actors involved.
Paris, Oct 6 - Morocco is fully committed to a policy of reforms to ensure a harmonious environment for investment, and secure business relations, Minister for Economic and General Affairs, Nizar Baraka said here Monday.
Baraka said his department is to create a national observatory to monitor prices, national and international market supplies, and to face up price fluctuations.