Minister of Development and Planning Aiuba Cuereneia of Mozambique

Cuereneia said that this year the OIIL has funded 2,462 projects to produce food, and around 3,600 for other purposes, In total, these projects have created 20,000 permanent or seasonal jobs.
Aiuba Cuereneia said commodity exports between January and September reached $1.
Cuereneia has urged African leaders to turn the threats into an opportunity to make better use of Africas potential, such as its land and natural resources to n face the current crisis by increasing production and productivity.
Cuereneia said that export earnings in 2009 should reach 2.
Cuereneia said that the target for agricultural growth is 14.
Cuereneia said that the transport and communications sector should grow by 12 per cent.
As for the legal system, Cuereneia said the government's priorities remain centred on "expanding citizens' access to legal services, and on strengthening the independence of the judiciary.
Cuereneia said this on Friday in Tunis while leading a Mozambican delegation that was at the Bank to discuss issues related to the annual Meetings with Bank officials.
Cuereneia said that peer review began in 2004 but, in accordance with APRM rules, was interrupted because of the general elections of that year.
Cuereneia said that out of the total US$774.
Cuereneia is chair of the African Development Bank (ADB) Board of Governors, and he was speaking at a press conference in Maputo on 16 May after the ADB approved the African Fertiliser Facility to make subsidised fertilizer available to farmers.
Speaking at a Maputo press conference, Cuereneia denied that the reduction in Swedish support was a severe blow to the budget.
Cuereneia said he had received no information about such a report.
Planning and Development Minister Aiuba Cuereneia said high oil and food prices as well as the global financial crisis had weighed on the decision to lower forecasts for 2008.
5 percent, Cuereneia was quoted as saying.
Mozambique Minister of Planning and Development Aiuba Cuereneia expressed his impression of Vietnam’s achievements, especially in economy.
We’re finding that governments are undertaking important reforms in an effort to qualify for MCC assistance—or to keep policy performance on track in order to qualify for a second five-year MCC Compact, as Minister Cuereneia said Mozambique would like to do.
In an interview on 23 July an annoyed Planning and Development Minister Aiuba Cuereneia said the Mozambican government had received no formal notification from Sweden that it intends to reduce Swedish support to the Mozambican budget: We still havent received any communication from Sweden.
Planning minister Aiuba Cuereneia said this week that US$71 million would be needed for the permanent resettlement of people living in flood-prone areas.
Maputo, Mozambique, 19 Aug – The Mozambican government plans to use internal revenues to cover the loss to its State Budget for this year resulting from reduced Swedish aid, the minister for planning and development, Aiuba Cuereneia said in Maputo.
According to Mozambican newspaper Notícias, Cuereneia was referring to Sweden’s recent decision to cut its budgetary aid to Mozambique by around US$3.
2 million from its 19 regular international partners to support the State Budget for 2009, the country’s Planning and Development Minister, Aiuba Cuereneia said Friday in Maputo.