Attorney General Augusto Paulino of Mozambique

The head of the Renamo parliamentary group, Maria Moreno, claimed that Paulino was a suspect in a serious criminal case.
The CSMJ investigated the allegation, and a month later, on 19 July, concluded that there was no evidence that Paulino had committed any crime, and that Muchanga's denunciation had been made in bad faith.
The allegations against Paulino had been shown to be false and made in bad faith, and in February two Supreme Court judges, reviewing the matter, had agreed that there was no crime, and the case was therefore closed.
For Frelimo, Mateus Katupha cut through the verbiage to the real reason why Paulino meets such strong opposition - the fact that he is one of the few figures in the Mozambican judicial system who has taken on and defeated organised crime.
Augusto Paulino is an icon of justice, who has sent members of organised crime networks to jail, the place they deserve, he said.
Trial Judge Augusto Paulino has been stalked by unknown men, who were involved in a shootout with the police in front of Paulinos home.
shootout with the police in front of Paulinos home.
Judge Augusto Paulino has set Friday 31 January as the date for the verdict and sentencing of the six men accused of the murder of Carlos Cardoso.
Inside the paper, page two was entirely devoted to the claim that Paulino is accused of stealing 300 million old meticais (about 12,500 US dollars) from the state.
What Paulino has done is try and make the GCCC work by stripping it of cases that do not fit the legal definition of corruption.
On 8 November, the paper claimed that Paulino was illegally holding the posts of both Attorney-General and presiding judge of the Maputo City court, in violation of the principle that nobody can be a judge and a prosecutor at the same time.
Why should Paulino's rise spark resistance ? First, Paulino is one of the few judges who has struck a serious blow against organised crime in Mozambique.
The discrepancy between a $500,000 bail and a $10,000 bail only 24 hours later was the first sign that Paulino was being singled out by the New York City legal machine.
The second sign that Paulino was being singled out was that all of her assets were frozen so she couldn't pay bail or hire legal counsel.
The third sign that something was wrong was that although Paulino was charged with prostitution, none of the male clients in her black book, which police confiscated, are being charged with the exact same evidence that was used to arrest Paulino.
The fourth sign that Paulino was being singled out was the DA's choice to announce her arrest to her 75-year old mother at her senior citizen bingo game.
Can't these city attorneys go pick on someone their own size? After all, with all the murders, rapes and assaults, that were crimes with victims, that happened in New York on the same night Paulino was arrested, wouldn't a photo of a real criminal arrest be more representative of New York's reality? The answer is yes - unless you have a campaign to run, and taking down a pretty woman is your idea of politics.
April and Paulino met at the gym, where along with April's other long time buddy, Marva Hamilton, now manager of Human Resources McGrawHill, they worked out about six days a week.
April recalls that Paulino came from a difficult background, and worked to help pay the bills for the one bedroom Hell's Kitchen apartment she and her mother shared after her sister moved out.
According to Van Niekerk, Judge Augusto Paulino has vowed to push for a thorough investigation of President Joaquim Chissano's son Nyimpine Chissano, who has been accused by most suspects of ordering Cardoso's murder.
Delivering his annual report on justice and legality in parliament, Paulino said that from January to March the authorities had registered 33 cases including 14 deaths.
Anibal Anibalzinhodos Santos Junior, to take the witness stand.
Judge Augusto Paulino was expected to set a trial date in the coming weeks, according to the Mozambican newswire agency, AIM.