Minister of Fisheries Cadmiel Muthemba of Mozambique

Fisheries Minister Cadmiel Muthemba is quoted by the state-controlled publication as saying the ship flying the Namibian flag and named Antillas Reefer, was seized off the coast of the central province of Zambezia on 23 June after an investigation.
Muthemba said the Antillas Reefer was using long lines, with anchors and weights that could keep the lines at depths of up to two kilometres, allowing the vessel to catch deep sea sharks.
Maputo - Mozambican and Spanish scientists are traveling along the Mozambican coast, but a long way from the shore, to explore the deep sea species to be found in the Mozambique Channel, Fisheries Minister Cadmiel Muthemba has told AIM.
Muthemba said the idea is to discover what we have in deep waters in terms of fisheries.
Interviewed by AIM, Fisheries Minister Cadmiel Muthemba said that the most serious problem facing his ministry is the lack of resources to deal with illegal fishing.
Muthemba said acquiring these vessels would mean an investment of around 100 million dollars.
Muthemba said the country does have a measure of control over the licensed vessels.
Muthemba said the fishing companies agree in principle.
Muthemba said that 57 violations of fishing rules had been detected in 2008.
Fisheries Minister Cadmiel Muthemba said a legitimate Mozambican fishing company spotted the Namibian ship, the Antillas Reefer, and alerted the authorities.