Minister of Youth and Sports David Simango of Mozambique

Asked whether he would act differently from Comiche, Simango said "I have given no undertakings to anyone.
Simango said that one of his priorities would be "to reorganise and discipline" informal trade in the city", in order "to prevent the whole city of Maputo from becoming a market.
Simango said he had already met with some of the vendors from these informal markets, and "they all agree that the current scenario, where people sell everywhere, must be changed.
Simango was not clear how he would achieve this.
As for the main opposition candidate for mayor, Eduardo Namburete, the parliamentary spokesperson of the former rebel movement Renamo, Simango said "He's an adversary who deserves my respect.
Simango was replaced as candidate by a Renamo parliamentarian, Manuel Pereira, w hose sole qualification for the position was his loyalty to Renamo leader Afonso Dhlakama.
6 per cent of the Maputo polling stations, Simango had 8 5.
Addressing the ceremony, Mozambican Youth and Sports Minister David Simango expressed the Mozambican government's gratitude for the long-term support and assistance from the Chinese government and people.