Minister of Mineral Resources Esperanca Bias of Mozambique

Esperança Bias is a Mozambican politician.
Mineral Resources Minister Esperanca Bias said on Friday.
available for the surveying and mining of coal.
Speaking of the situation of the hydrocarbon sector in Mozambique, Bias said that the country has legislation that is "very favourable" to investment.
Bias said that African countries have been facing difficulties in the oil and gas industries, because most of the financing is done by foreign companies.
Previous to that, Bias was the Deputy Minister of Mineral Resources (beginning in 1999.
Mozambique's Mineral Resources Minister Esperanca Bias has said that although mining is currently making only a modest contribution to Mozambiques GDP, this is likely to rise significantly in the near future, She was speaking in Maputo at a seminar held jointly by the government and the World Bank, on the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), which Mozambique intends to join.
portioned into seven parts for oil and gas prospecting.
According to reports reaching here from Maputo, Bias said Italian ENI, US.
Bias said the four winners had agreed to invest 2.
Maputo, Mozambique, 17 April – Mozambique has been working to create infrastructures in the geology, mineral and energy sectors as key factors in the effort to create wealth and fight poverty, Mineral Resources Minister Esperança Bias has stated.
Addressing a meeting of economists from the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP), Bias said that Mozambique has the geological potential for the discovery of new gas fields.
5 billion, Mineral Resources Minister Esperanca Bias said on Tuesday.
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north of the capital Maputo in Tete province.
Minister of Natural Resources Esperanca Bias was quoted by the daily Noticias newspaper on Monday as saying that the reservoirs were found at a depth of 1.
Bias said the volatility of global oil prices was creating a flurry of interest in gas exploration.
There was some panic in the cities of Manica and Beira, particularly among those living in high-rise buildings, but Bias said officials were not expecting casualties or damage.