Minister of Labor Helena Taipo of Mozambique

In an unannounced "blitz visit" at 7:25 hours this morning, Ms Taipo was shocked to observe that out of the Direction headquarters' 28 employees, only two had arrived at their workplace 25 minutes after opening hours.
Meanwhile, Minister Taipo is being praised for her "blitz visit" and swift action against her Ministry's lazy workers, as Mozambicans at large experience very poor service from state agencies at a daily basis.
The lesson given by Minister Taipo is however not unique.
Clearly the government is not happy with some of these investments, since Taipo said it had urged the INSS to review its holdings "in order to improve the results.
On whether RONCO will be allowed to continue operating in Mozambique after these irregularities were detected, Taipo said that this is not a reason to expel the company.
Ronco in the central province of Sofala.
Taipo found factories where workers' health was at risk, due to lack of adequate bathroom facilities or clean drinking water, lack of first aid services to deal with accidents, and lack of protective clothing.
Taipo praised the AKAI biscuit factory, and the construction work on the Moma titanium minerals mine.
Mozambican Labour Minister Helena Taipo has ordered that 22 out of the 28 staff of the Maputo Provincial Labour Directorate - including the Director himself - are to lose a day's wages for failing to turn up for work on time.
Taipo said that the staff, and particularly the director, should be responsible for their acts, so as to satisfy the needs of citizens.
Maputo Mozambican Labour Minister Helena Taipo has given the cotton company Plexus a two week deadline to regularize contracts with its workers, reports Friday's issue of the Maputo daily Noticias.
Taipo found that the Chinese owners of the company "Monte de Ouro" regularly assaulted and insulted their Mozambican workers.
The closure of the two companies has taken immediate effect - but, since the workers need their jobs, Taipo has said the Chinese employers will be allowed to reopen their doors, if they make a public apology to their workers, and to the population of Zambezia province.
During her visit to Zambezia earlier this month, Taipo found several other irregularities.
At the joint Mozambican-Japanese fishing company EFRIPEL, Taipo found instances of gross maltreatment of Mozambicans by their Japanese colleagues on board the fishing vessels.
Mozambican Labour Minister Helena Taipo has rejected an appeal by the US-based demining company, Ronco, against a fine imposed for violating Mozambique's ban on compulsory HIV tests.
According to a Monday press release from the Ministry, Taipo has thrown the appeal out and is demanding not only that the company pay the fine, but that it restore the rights of the workers who tested positive.
According to a Labour Ministry press release, Taipo met with the Tamega management on Friday, and received a promise from company director Antonio Teixeira Jose de Sousa that the management will correct all the anomalies detected.
Mozambican Labour Minister Helena Taipo has ordered the local branch of the US-based private security company Wackenhut to pay compensation of about 34 million new meticais (about 1.
Last year an arbitration panel appointed by Taipo found in favour of the workers, and Wackenhut was told to pay them.
Labour Minister meets former migrants, (Agencia de Informacao de Mocambique, 2005-03-02):-Mozambican Labour Minister Helena Taipo has said she needs more time to study the dossier relating to the claims of Mozambican citizens who were once migrant workers in the now defunct German Democratic Republic (GDR.
Taipo met majermane leaders for the first time on Monday, and said she would require at least a month to analyse in detail the documents referring to their case.
Japan, France, Portugal, the International Labor Organization (ILO) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) have already agreed to back Maputo’s initiative that involves investments of over US$ 175 million in the first five years, Labor Minister Maria Helena Taipo was cited as saying by Maputo media.
Taipo said Maputo’s program would mainly focus on “updating labor laws, simplification of procedures aimed to allow private sector intervention in the creation of work, investment in human resources to allow Mozambicans to work in posts created by national and foreign investment and support to the casual labor sector.
In addition to the workers’ atrocious living conditions, Taipo said the company was not complying with its social security obligations, and was breaking child labour regulations.
Agencia de Informacao de Mocambique 2 August 2008 Maputo Mozambican Labour Minister Helena Taipo has ordered the closure of the largest timber company in the northern province of Cabo Delgado, Miti, according.