Minister of Energy Salvador Namburete of Mozambique

Salvador Namburete is the Minister of Energy of Mozambique.
Salvador Namburete was appointed Minister of Energy following the general and presidential elections in Mozambique in 2004.
Namburete has held various positions in public service including trade director for the northern region of Mozambique, Deputy National Director of Economics, National Director of External Trade, economic counselor in the embassy of the Republic of Mozambique in Washington, DC, and to the United Nations in New York.
Namburete said that today rather more than 13 per cent of the Mozambican population have access to electricity in their homes.
Namburete said that in 2003 only seven per cent of the population had electricity.
Namburete said "the general regime for Zimbabwean payment does not allow them to run up huge debts as in the past.
Energy Minister Salvador Namburete said this line would help reduce the country's dependence on South Africa.
Namburete said that studies for building the new line were at a "conclusive phase.
Namburete said this while presenting a paper on “Regional Integration of Power Systems: A Tool to Reduce Energy Poverty and Accelerate Economic Growth‘‘, at the on-going OPEC Fund for International Development workshop.
Energy Minister Salvador Namburete says the investment the country has made so far in the energy sector is still far from satisfying the demand for electricity both domestically and regionally.
Interviewed in Monday's edition of the independent daily "O Pais", Namburete said meetings are held between the government and the Mpanda Nkuwa investors every week to check progress, but he was unable to give a date when work would start on building the dam.
Answering a question on rural electrification, Energy Minister Salvador Namburete said that all 128 district capitals have electricity from one source or another, and 78 of them are now connected to the national grid based on the Cahora Bassa dam.
Namburete said that the transfer of majority ownership of the Cahora Bassa operating company, HCB, from Portugal to Mozambique last year had been crucial in making more power available for Mozambique's own requirements.
Namburete said the government was able to resume charging customs duties on diesel, and to restore CFM's fees to their normal level.
The Chinese have shown interest in the country's energy resources, which include natural gas and coal reserves,” Mozambique’s Minister of Energy Salvador Namburete was quoted by the newswire as saying.
Namburete said foreign companies had begun exploring Mozambique for oil.
In an interview with Reuters, Salvador Namburete said construction of a dam and other generating facilities in the northern Tete province was expected to begin in 2009 and be completed four years later.
Energy Minister Salvador Namburete says the Mozambican government has already signed an agreement with the World Bank for a $45-million loan for the transmission line, which will run from a substation at Matambo to the Malawi boarder.
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in 2009 and be completed four years later.
Namburete said Mozambique's 36 million hectares of arable land could be used for biofuel production "without threatening food production", while another 41 million hectares of marginal land would be suitable for raising jatropha, a tree that produces non-edible seeds which can be used for making biodiesel.
non-edible seeds which can be used for making biodiesel.
Announcing the price cuts, Energy Minister Salvador Namburete said they resulted from the decline in the oil price on the world market.
With the sharp drop in oil prices, Namburete said the time had come to start re-imposing these taxes.
Speaking in Maputo over the weekend, minister of energy, Salvador Namburete said this project created conditions for providing electricity to schools and hospitals in these areas.