Minister of Presidential Affairs Albert Kawana of Namibia

A member of the South West Africa People's Organization, Kawana has been a member of the National Assembly of Namibia and Cabinet since 2000, reaching the post of Minister for Presidential Affairs in March 2005.
Following the 2004 general election, Kawana was promoted to head the Justice Ministry, becoming the first and thus far only Permanent Secretary to advance to the top post of a Ministry since independence.
Kawana said although he has not had the opportunity to consult with the President on the matter, the incident is totally unacceptable and an insult to the Head of State and the entire Namibian nation.
Kawana said he was aware that people want to see a difference.
Kawana said Geingob stood by his previous statements that the human rights of all Namibians are protected under the Constitution when asked if the rights of gays and lesbians fell under the Bill of Rights.
Kawana said a distinction should be drawn "between statements made by Ekandjo in his capacity as a private citizen and those statements which represent Government policy.
Kawana said Ekandjo was entitled to his freedom of expression.
Minister of Presidential Affairs Dr Albert Kawana said the President first considered the prevailing economic condition caused by drought, the country’s expected economic performance, the financial means of the State, inflation and the principle that public office bearers are there to serve the people, before he decided on the 24 per cent increase.
politicised by the opposition to galvanise support.
May 7, 2004: HOMOSEXUALITY is "illegal and criminal" in Namibia, Justice Minister Albert Kawana said in the National Assembly yesterday, snubbing a request by the DTA to include a provision in the new Labour Bill that would prevent discrimination against employees based on their sexual orientation.
The Namibian of Windhoek, Namibia, reports that Minister of Justice Albert Kawana has proposed an amendment to the Magistrates Act of 2003 that will reintroduce the office of the assistant magistrate, a position that used to be available under the old act.
Kawana has for several years increasingly accumulated a track record of a judiciary basher.