Minister of Labor and Social Welfare Alpheus Naruseb of Namibia

Naruseb said the Ministry is in the process of working out consequential measures necessary to put the Act into operation.
Naruseb said the Ministry had engaged and consulted employers, workers and community leaders in many of the country's regions, the National Union of Namibian Workers (NUNW), Namibian Employers Federation (NEF), the Social Security Commission and political parties represented in the National Assembly.
Naruseb said once implemented, the Act would not only make provision for a new system of dispute resolution to replace the ineffective district labour courts, but would also introduce significant improvements in maternity benefits.
Naruseb said this prohibition is not intended to make unlawful the activities of legitimate employment agencies that refer or place individuals without themselves becoming a party to an employment relationship.
structure will be established at the SSC.
have reduced stakeholders confidence.
Naruseb said the response of the gay community was aimed at "belittling the moral standards of the Namibian nation.
By calling for homosexuality to be"uprooted", Mr Naruseb is dabbling in the loathsome practice of hate speech, and in so doing he is going beyond the bounds of free expression.
Speaking at a three-day workshop on HIV-AIDS and Alcohol Abuse this week, Lands and Resettlement Minister Alpheus !Naruseb said women are more adversely affected by the pandemic.
Naruseb said 56 per cent of adults are drinking in the country, while 10 per cent are suffering from different alcohol-related illnesses.
LANDS Minister Alpheus !Naruseb has expressed disappointment at the slow pace of land reform and urged the Land Reform Advisory Commission to find ways to accelerate resettlement.
Naruseb said the resettlement process must become clear and transparent, to an extent that the officials must be able to tell unsuccessful applicants the reason behind a decision.
Naruseb said the productive capacity of the country has been affected because the pandemic has hit the most productive members of society.
Naruseb said the government on its part spends around US$25 million a year alone on HIV/AIDS prevention and care services.
Alpheus !Naruseb was making his contribution on the White Paper on Namibia"s Foreign.