Minister of Mines and Energy Erkki Nghimtina of Namibia

Windhoek Minister of Mines and Energy Erkki Nghimtina has confirmed countrywide fuel price increases that came into effect at midnight.
Mines and Energy Minister Erkki Nghimtina is contemplating regulations that would put a limit on the amount of unprocessed minerals that can be exported from Namibia.
A member of the South West Africa People's Organization (SWAPO), Nghimtina has been a member of the National Assembly of Namibia since 1995 and the Minister of Mines and Energy since 20 March 2005.
Erkki Nghimtina was born in Eembidi in Ovamboland (now Ohangwena Region) in September 1948 to Meriam Shopati and Johannes Nghimtina.
Nghimtina fled into exile with SWAPO in 1974 to Oshatotwa, Zambia.
Upon retirement from the military in 1995, Nghimtina was selected to the position of deputy Minister of Defence which lasted until his promotion to Defence Minister in 1997.
In September 2008, Nghimtina was accused of aiming a firearm at a young relative and firing a shot in his direction.
However, shortly thereafter, Nghimtina was heavily interrogated by Namibian police concerning the shooting.
The next day, it was reported the Nghimtina had withdrawn his letter of resignation and return to his post after prominent SWAPO leadership other than President Pohamba overruled Pohamba's dismissal.
Namibia's Minister of Mines and Energy Erkki Nghimtina said Wedneday in Windhoek that more trade between his country and China and more Chinese businessmen coming to the southern African country indicate "excellent friendly relations" between the two countries.
Nghimtina said the Beijing summit is going to strengthen the already excellent relations between Namibia and China, as well as between China and Africa.
Nghimtina said soldiers and military officers have become vulnerable to the virus that causes AIDS as a result of specific operational factors such as mobility, stress, carelessness and alcohol abuse.
Nghimtina said the prevalence of HIV-AIDS among the military population in Namibia and elsewhere in the region is not yet established, but military forces have been unwilling to open up in this regard.
Namibia's defense minister since 1997, Erkki Nghimtina has replaced Nickey Iyambo as mines and energy minister in the government set up at the end of March by new president Hifikepunye Pohamba.
Home Page 1Namibia: Erkki wants a cap on exports of minerals Mines and Energy Minister Erkki Nghimtina is contemplating regulations that would put a limit on the amount of unprocessed minerals that can be exported from Namibia.
Speaking at the launch of the Petrofund five-year report, Nghimtina said the private sector and.
Mines and Energy Minister Erkki Nghimtina described it as a marvellous example of "what government and the private sector must do to ensure sustainability in the mining sector.
Nghimtina was emphatic that Namibia will complete the troop withdrawal by "the end of August.
On behalf of his country, Nghimtina said government revenue from the sale of diamonds plays an important part in building education infrastructure and programs, health care facilities, and ongoing fight against HIV/AIDS.
04-10-05 Mines and Energy Minister Erkki Nghimtina has invited investors to exploit Namibia's oil and gas resources.
Speaking at the end of a four-day World Petroleum Congress in Johannesburg, South Africa, Nghimtina said that the Namibian government was offering easy procedures for international oil companies wanting to explore for oil and gas onshore and offshore.
01-11-06 Most of Namibia's poor could have access to electricity through renewable energy, Mines and Energy Minister Erkki Nghimtina has said.
Nghimtina said among the benefits of renewable energy are that it could be set up anywhere and be used both for household and business purposes, water heating, communication and for cooling systems for medical preservation.
These strategies, which Nghimtina said the ministry would roll out in the near future, will lessen the government's annual electricity bill by 30 to 50.
Explaining the acquisition, Defence Minister Erkki Nghimtina said in an interview yesterday that Government turned down the offer in its initial form and decided instead to bid for the exploration of mineral rights.
Nghimtina said the rights were granted for five years as from 1999 following the signing of a ceasefire.
Nghimtina said yesterday he could not say how much money had already been invested and how much it would cost to reach full production as he had not read the report about the exploration activities.
During a speech at the Namibian National Assembly last week, Nghimtina said he expects talks to conclude by the end of the month.
which is equivalent to 16 per cent of Namdeb's (annual) production," Mining and Energy Minister Erkki Nghimtina said at the event.
Nghimtina said exploration in the Grootfontein, Kombat, Otavi and Otjiwarongo areas had reached such an advanced stage that it would likely lead to the opening of a second gold mine.
Nghimtina said he planned to submit a new Minerals (Prospecting and Mining) Bill to Parliament which would help in resolving conflicts between landowners and mineral prospectors and mining companies.
Nghimtina said it was also important to provide assistance to small-scale miners to ensure the equal distribution of wealth.
Namibian official commends Zimbabwe's land reform program HARARE - Visiting Namibian Minister of Defense Erkki Nghimtina has said that his country had learnt a lot from Zimbabwe's land reform program starting in 2000, local media reported on Saturday.
Nghimtina said a Namibian delegation had recently visited several A1 and A2 farms in Zimbabwe and was overwhelmed by the development that was taking place at the farms.