Director General, National Planning Commission Helmut Angula of Namibia

THE Minister of Agriculture, Water and Rural Development, Helmut Angula is attending a preparatory meeting of Southern African Development Community (SADC) Ministers of.
Angula is in Viet Nam for six days to sign an agreement on agricultural.
Angula was releasing the results of the country's latest budget study.
Angula was of the opinion that the Coalition would cater for different.
Angula was addressing close to 40 farmers from.
However, other party sources indicated that Prime Minister Angula had informed them that he would table the amended version today for approval by the National Assembly.
Namibia was still haunted by the ghosts of its past.
Angula said that farmers might be banned from, or taxed for, exporting live cattle in twelve months' time.
Reacting to a recent call by president Sam Nujoma for exports 'on the hoof' to be stopped, Angula said the move was in line with the current policy and thinking in his ministry.
Agriculture Minister Helmut Angula said Agribank's decision to suspend the processing of new applications for the loan programme for black farmers was "unfortunate.
Angula was speaking at the launch of a new initiative to assist emerging commercial farmers - mainly the beneficiaries of the AA loans and the Ministry of Lands' resettlement programmes - to become more productive.
Angula said this was so that the State could budget for its water> > consumption ahead of the tabling of the annual Budget.
Angula said critics should distinguish between the amount of water> > needed for personal use and that needed for economic activities.
Angula said he could understand farmers' complaints that they were> > unable to pay for water for their cattle but, on the other hand, they> > were reluctant to reduce their livestock herds.
Namibian Prime Minister Nahas Angula said Tuesday that the slowdown in global economic growth would seriously hurt Namibia's economic growth and warned of 'tough times ahead' for Namibians.
Minister Angula said he has been informed of these but Haimbili is not to be told until the investigations are concluded.
water consumption ahead of the tabling of the annual Budget.
water needed for personal use and that needed for economic activities.
reluctant to reduce their livestock herds.
Angula was until April the Director General of the National Planning Commission (NPC), which spearheaded the MCA process.