Minister of Lands and Resettlement Jerry Ekandjo of Namibia

Ekandjo is widely considered to be a hardliner in the party.
Ekandjo was moved from his post as Minister of Lands and Resettlement to that of Minister of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development in a Cabinet reshuffle on April 8, 2008.
On February 9, 2001, Ekandjo was found guilty of contempt of court for not releasing the jailed former representative of the Angolan rebel group UNITA in Namibia, Jose Domingo Sikunda, despite a court order to do so.
to eliminate gays and lesbians from the face of Namibia.
Namibia's controversial Home Affairs Minister Jerry Ekandjo is reported by state television to have urged newly graduated police officers to "eliminate" gays and lesbians "from the face of Namibia.
This is not the first time Mr Ekandjo has been in the news for his views.
It seems that Minister Jerry Ekandjo was not aware of this court case.
The Namibian, 3 November - Namibian Home Affairs Minister Jerry Ekandjo said yesterday that his call for the elimination of gays and lesbians from Namibia did not mean he wanted them killed.
Yes, homosexuality is a crime," said an emotionally-charged Minister Ekandjo, commenting on a court case in which a German national living with a Namibian in a lesbian relationship is seeking permanent residence, Ekandjo said his Ministry would remain opposed to recognising the couple's status "until it is scientifically tested that they can produce a baby.
Kawana said Ekandjo was entitled to his freedom of expression.
Minister Ekandjo is most known for the damaging publicity he regularly gives Namibia in the foreign press, such as initiatives to restrain the independence of the judiciary and rancorous attacks on the growing Namibian society of gays and lesbians.
For this last statement, Ekandjo had to apologize to the judiciary.
rulings not in line with government policy, but was forced to back down and apologize.
But Ekandjo is not alone in his views and the law is not always the issue.
alleged that Ekandjo had absolutely no knowledge of that Constitution.
Ekandjo said the joint permanent commission on defence and security between Botswana and Namibia came at a time when a concrete achievement towards peace and stability in the region was attained.
Ekandjo said the re-emergence of mercenaries in the region should be discouraged and fought with vigour and determination to eradicate them.
That is the price we have to pay for peace," Ekandjo was quoted as saying.
This is the way to go, as there was no other solution," Lands Minister Jerry Ekandjo said on Thursday, noting that the government had failed to reach agreement with the farmers on the price of their land.
Speaking to senior diplomats in the capital, Windhoek, Ekandjo said the government was preparing to tackle the issue in the courts.
Mr Ekandjo has signed the Oath/Affirmation as a minister and made it his duty to uphold and protect the constitution of the republic of Namibia.
Addressing a press conference at the party headquarters on Friday, Ekandjo said Nyamu is spreading malicious lies and unfounded allegations.
Ekandjo said all the people mentioned in the “imaginary tale of Nyamu” have never been summoned to Okahao.
Responding to a question on why violence took place in Outapi recently, Ekandjo said people are very angry with RDP and especially Nyamu because he continues to insult the Swapo Party and the Founding President.
Ekandjo said the people of Outapi responded spontaneously.
Ekandjo was seconded by Prime Minister Nahas Angula, Deputy Labour Minister Petrus Ilonga and Swapo backbencher Peya Mushelenga.
If there is no other solution, then that is the way to go," Lands Minister Jerry Ekandjo said late on Thursday.
Jerry Ekandjo was badly paraphrasing Mugabe's snappier "If cats and dogs know their mates, why not you?" when he told the Namibian legislators in 1998, "Gay and lesbian rights can never qualify as fundamental rights because, if a male dog know its right partner is a female dog, how can a human being fail to notice the difference?" Not coincidentally, Mugabe's deliriously logical conclusion had been the terse, "Gays and lesbians are sick-minded people who should not be given rights.
Ekandjo said the demand for prime farming land by the black majority was increasing, with as many as to 3,000 people applying for farms.
This is perhaps the clearest indication of the extent of land hunger in Namibia," Ekandjo was quoted as saying.
Ekandjo said Namibia had acquired 19 farms in 2005-6, including three that were expropriated.
Ekandjo said the plans to put police in the roll were a result of security complaints from immigration officers who asked to be armed because they faced dangerous situations in dealing with illegal immigrants, and he also said it would be easier to maintain a full staff because police don't get overtime pay and have no right to strike.