Minister of Gender Equality and Child Welfare Marlene Mungunda of Namibia

such as either leaving it with grandparents or other relatives.
Namibia, like many other countries in Africa, is facing an epidemic HIV/AIDS, and that has a direct impact on meeting our goals, such as education and reduction in infant mortality, Mungunda said at the release of the World's Children's Report in Windhoek.
Mungunda said that community courts consisted of traditional leaders living in villages and communities.
MUNGUNDA said that the report was a product of broad consultations, which involved all stakeholders in Government, private sector and civil society.
Mungunda said that the Combating of Rape Act of 2000 and the Domestic Violence Act of 2003 were among the measures adopted to combat violence against women.
MUNGUNDA said Namibian laws were subject to public hearings before they were passed, with input from many quarters.
MUNGUNDA said that the Government was using the media to publicize any convention, protocol or law.
MUNGUNDA said that there had been an increase in the number of women in decision-making positions.
MUNGUNDA said the majority population in Namibia had a woman chief.
women would be able to enjoy the fruits of independence.
for Development (WAD) field day in Outjo last week.