Prime Minister Nahas Angula of Namibia

Angula was born in Onyaanya, Oshikoto Region.
Angula received the highest number of votes, 395 (tied with Jerry Ekandjo), in the election to the Central Committee of SWAPO at the party's August 2002 congress.
Prime Minister Nahas Angula has sounded a warning that Namibians would better buckle up for tough times ahead.
April 2008 Posted to the web 21 April 2008 Prime Minister Nahas Angula has sent a stern warning to former Koevoet and South West Africa Territorial Force (SWATF) members that their recent threats to physically attack Minister of Veterans Affairs.
many happy birthday wishes from the many well wishers.
has with two daughters and two sons.
Nahas Angula is the third Prime Minister of the Republic of Namibia since independence in March 1990, however, the first Prime Minister under the.
Nahas Angula is Minister of Higher Education, Vocational Training, Science and Technology for Namibia.
Angula is a Member of the National Assembly as well as the ruling.
Angula was the keynote speaker at the fourth summit of the Ovaherero/Ovambanderu on the 1904.
Angula is also the Patron of the Conference.
Angula was born in Onyaanya, Oshikoto RegionOshikoto Region OverviewOshikoto Region, Namibia|colspan=2 align=center.
Immediately prior to independence, Angula was a SWAPO member of the Constituent Assembly, which was in place from November 1989 to March 1990.
Angula received the highest number of votes, 395 (tied with Jerry EkandjoJerry Ekandjo Jerry Ekandjo is a Namibian politician, currently serving as Minister of Lands and Resettlement.
Prime Minister Nahas Angula said at the launch that a new telecommunications bill will be promulgated next yea.
Prime Minister Nahas Angula has lashed out at the financial sector for being remote-controlled from South Africa and for lacking competent Namibian financial managers.
Born on 22 August, 1943, Prime Minister Nahas Angula turns 63 years next week and thus the many happy birthday wishes from the many well wishers.
as the Chairperson of the committee, and other members were the Min.
At the launch of the booster pack program, Prime Minister Nahas Angula said that AIDS-related deaths among teachers and education ministry staff are hindering the ministry's efforts.
Namibian Prime Minister Nahas Angula said that cabinet had approved the US$ 10 m illion to aid Zimbabwe as it battles the cholera outbreak.
Namibian Prime Minister Nahas Angula said Tuesday that the slowdown in global economic growth would seriously hurt Namibia's economic growth and warned of 'tough times ahead' for Namibians.
Prime Minister Nahas Angula took the floor and spoke about the historic ties Oshiwambo-speaking people and San clans like the Hai//om had with what today.
Prime Minister Nahas Angula was among the first to congratulate Americans on "making history in electing Barack Obama to lead them.
Nahas Angula was elected Prime Minister for the Republic of Namibia on March 21, 2005.
Nahas Angula is an alumnus of several AAI training programs over the course of his life.
Nahas Angula was assigned by SWAPO to establish a school for Namibian exiles in Zambia, the start of the SWAPO education system in exile which eventually extended to the Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola.
A member of the National Assembly since 1990, Angula was minister of education, sport, and culture from 1990 to 1995 and minister of higher education from 1995 until 2005.
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In his opening address, Prime Minister Angula praised JCI as a "vehicle for the promotion of entrepreneurial spirit among young people.
Government has for many years been aware of the deteriorating health facilities and services in the country, and yet Shangula was allowed to earn the title of the longest-serving PS at one Ministry.
But Angula said that Germany did not get permission to take the skulls.
Jan]PRIME Minister Nahas Angula says Namibia faces a crisis of corporate governance looking at ongoing cases such as that of Avid Investment Corporation and reported bankruptcies involving public funds.
Angula was speaking at the start of a seminar on New Corporate Governance, which was presented by an academic, Professor Martin Hilb, managing director of IFPM Centre for Corporate Governance, University of St Gallen in Switzerland in a speech entitled "Challenges and Crises in Corporate Governance: Namibia at the Cross Roads.
Referring on the one hand to the ongoing case in which the Social Security Commission (SSC) invested N$30 million with Avid Investments, Angula said some of the country's entrepreneurs "appeared to be bent on raiding national funds.
WINDHOEK Prime Minister Nahas Angula says many households have run out of drought relief food because authorities underestimated the average size of households and the Government might need to raise additional funds to provide more relief.
Angula said while last year's floods and drought are being considered as the main factors that caused food shortages in households, general poverty is also another contributing factor.
Angula said unlike many African countries where successors were merely appointed or where soldiers took over government, Swapo had created a system and procedures based on democracy and choice to manage political transition.
Angula said by doing this Namibia would also be making a modest contribution to the growth of democracy in Africa.
Quoting the political philosopher, Machiavelli, who said a good leader wanted to be feared and not loved, Angula said he did not see leadership as such.
Angula said he saw leadership as a service.
In response to what potential he saw for the Erongo Region, Angula said the region was very fortunate to have a wealth of resources.
Using the example of a bread baking project at Omaruru, Angula said it was not always necessary to start big.
Speaking at the launch, Prime Minister Nahas Angula said the AIDS mortality among teachers and ministry staff is undermining the ministry's ability to achieve its objectives.
Nahas Angula is one of the SWAPO leaders that I personally hold in high regard.
I'm rather dissapointed that some members of this forum, who, I thought are mature enough given their level of education which the SWAPO government have provided to them, have chosen to misinterpret what Citizen Nahas Angula is saying, simply because they don't like what he is saying because they have associated themselves with a culprit party.
This lady is expecting," Namibian Prime Minister Nahas Angula was quoted as telling South Africa's Sunday Times last month.