Minister of Education Nangolo Mbumba of Namibia

A member of the South West Africa People's Organization (SWAPO), Mbumba has been the Minister of Education under Hifikepunye Pohamba since his appointment in March 2005.
Also since 1993, Mbumba has held a ministry including Agriculture, Water and Rural Development (1993-1996), Finance (1996-2003), Information and Broadcasting (2003-2005) and since 2005 Education.
school leavers as well as working force.
Mbumba was impressed by the quality of the facilities as well as the school grounds and vegetable gardens and conveyed his personal as well as professional thanks to the Lamprecht family for the great work that they are doing for the education of Namibian children.
Minster Mbumba said Namibia was party to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity and another international instrument, the Cartegena Protocol on Biosafety.
Finance Minister Nangolo Mbumba is expected to request the National Assembly to approve spending of N$11,272 billion when he tables the main Budget for the 2003-04 financial year, according to figures in possession of The Namibian.
When he tabled the 2001-2 Budget, Mbumba said it was planned to limit increases in Government spending so that ceilings of N$10 billion in 2002-3 and N$10,5 billion the next year would not be exceeded.
Minister of Information and Broadcasting Nangolo Mbumba was however upbeat in the National Assembly on Thursday, maintaining that the publication was "gaining momentum" and "acceptability" in the region as it was telling "stories from a Southern African regional perspective.
It is imperative to point out that since The Southern Times only started its operations in September 2004, it would be inappropriate to judge its performance in a time frame of six months," Mbumba was quick to point out, maintaining that it would become a "force to be reckoned with" in the near future.
Mbumba was quick to point out that New Era's contribution had not come from State funding, but from external sources of income.
Mbumba said a comprehensive income statement and other financial documentation of the operational expenses and income from all SADC member states where The Southern Times is sold, was being prepared for presentation to the board at their next meeting in May He gave the assurance that if this was being done outside regular working hours, using their own resources, then they would be compensated.
Mbumba said during the "Open Day" that (quote.
Thirty-eight years after receiving his own scholarship, Honorable Minister Mbumba joined US.
On 24 July, at a Draft Communication Bill workshop, the Information and Broadcasting Minister Nangolo Mbumba expressed the government's reservations about transforming the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) into a Public Service Broadcaster.
In a speech delivered on his behalf by the Erongo Regional Governor, Samuel Nuuyoma, at the just-ended education sector health day, Mbumba said the establishment of a workplace wellness programme for employees in the education sector is one such way.