Minister of Veterans' Affairs Ngarikutuke Tjiriange of Namibia

Tjiriange said although the time was short, the response was overwhelming and the ministry managed the process well.
In an exclusive interview with New Era, Tjiriange said many people turned up and that registration officials had to work long hours, sometimes until midnight because it took up to 30 minutes to register one veteran.
Tjiriange said he received reports that Kamwi, who travelled at the expense of the ministry, was using his stay in Caprivi to register war veterans for his War Veterans' Association and in the process he created confusion.
Tjiriange was a SWAPO member of the Constituent Assembly, which was in place from November 1989 to March 1990, immediately prior to independence.
It was decided at the congress to make the position of Secretary-General a full-time job, but Tjiriange remained Justice Minister until May 8, 2003, at which point he was instead appointed Minister without Portfolio.
Tjiriange expressed a warm welcome to Li during his visit to Namibia.
Tjiriange said when SWAPO led the Namibian people to fight for national independence, the CPC, the Chinese government and people had always stood by their side.
Tjiriange praised China for its unconditional assistance to Africa and reaffirmed Namibia's adherence to the one-China policy.
However, Tjiriange said he could not answer whether Swapo members that were detained by the party due to suspicion that they were spies would qualify for subventions stipulated in the Veteran Bill of 2007.
Tjiriange was speaking in an interview with New Era last week to clear misunderstandings on who qualifies for the war veterans' allowance.
Tjiriange said some Namibians were forced by the colonial administration to fight within their structures.
Tjiriange said following a meeting convened by him on 5 September and attended by Ekandjo, Chief Justice Johan Strydom and Judge President Pio Teek, Ekandjo has apologised to the judges.
Swapo secretary-general Ngarikutuke Tjiriange said Swapo remained steadfast on a decision taken at a congress last year, which did not endorse a fourth term for its current president.
Minister without portfolio Ngarikutuke Tjiriange has been appointed to head the new ministry, and staff positions are to be filled from existing ministries and state agencies in a bid to reduce costs.
Some were also given cattle to start farming activities," Tjiriange said in his first ministerial statement in parliament.
But Kapia has thus far defied the Politburo decision, which Swapo secretary general Ngarikutuke Tjiriange says he "communicated" to him.
Moreover, Tjiriange has made the above declarations against NSHR and myself ostensibly on the instructions of his superior, Mr.
Moreover, the utmost hostility with which Tjiriange has made the aforementioned declarations and has issued such death threats are both reflective and indicative of a pattern of widespread and systematic persecutions on the part of Mr.
Moreover, as Namibian Minister of Justice at the time, Ernest Tjiriange had been instrumental in ensuring that Namibia had ratified the ICCÂ’s Statute.