Minister of Agriculture, Water, and Forestry Nickey Iyambo of Namibia

Iyambo said grouping the elections together would cut Government expenses and election fatigue.
Iyambo said Regional Councillors who did not get re-elected in next year's elections would be financially compensated because they were originally elected to be in office until December 2004.
Indeed, we want to see the whole value chain of this operation — from rough to cutting and polishing to processing and manufacturing of jewelry — down to the retailing of a “Namibian brand,” Minister of Mines and Energy Nickey Iyambo said before a room packed with industry professionals from Tel Aviv, New York, Antwerp, Gaborone and Johannesburg.
Minister Nickey Iyambo said currently the import parity prices were now 0.
697 cents per litre but Iyambo said this cost would be absorbed within the National Energy Fund and will not be passed on to the consumer.
Iyambo said keeping the price at the same level will alleviate cost increases to the consuming public and will be in the overall interest of the nation.
In ensuring this, Iyambo said one of the key elements is the provision of effective animal health legislation that underpins the delivery of efficient animal health and protection services.
Iyambo was speaking on the amendments to the Diseases and Parasites Act.
Iyambo said the fines in the present act had become outdated and no longer had the deterrent effect that they were intended to have in the first place.
Iyambo said Namibia was looking forward to new applications later this year during its fourth promotional round which will be held in London and Houston on September 9 and 13 respectively.
The project, expected to quadruple Namibia's electricity production, would also promote development in the southern region of Karas, where a gas-fired power station would be built, Namibian Minister of Mines and Energy Nickey Iyambo said this week.
On October 2 2008, Police Minister Iyambo was also reported in the Government-controlled New Era newspaper as having warned international organizations not to believe what NSHR says and to withhold financial assistance to the Namibian human rights organization.
Windhoek – Minister of Safety and Security Dr Nickey Iyambo says the thousands of tourists visiting the country during the festive season, coupled with the fact that many locals leave their places of work to enjoy a break from their hard work during the year, will necessitate enhanced law enforcement measures throughout the country.
Speaking at the first ever year-end function for the men and women in uniform on Friday, Iyambo said his forces have to take care of safety activities along the national roads, conduct patrols, set up roadblocks, carry out foot patrols within residential areas, and guard residential and business premises whose owners have notified the police of their absence and safety needs.
Giving some wishes for the festive season, Dr Iyambo said he knows that the needs are many and varied in nature at different regions, stations and units, but promised to do his best, at the political leadership level, to bring about a gradual but far-reaching change in conditions of work and service within the ministry.
This place is hot, dilapidated and we need to do something about it,” Iyambo said while entering one of the rooms at Okave Base where the reserve force is accommodated.
Iyambo said they want to investigate this and let the Government know about it.
Speaking at the event, Minister Iyambo said the importance of forests and forest products could not be over-emphasised.
In his address at the launch Dr Iyambo said the two books highlighted the vulnerability of this valuable natural resource.
deaths in the world every year happen in developing countries, Safety and Security Minister Nickey Iyambo said during the launch in Windhoek.
Referring to a steep increase in the number of fatal road accidents this past month, Iyambo said he is worried because the festive season is not even in full swing yet.