Minister for Commerce, Industry, and Resources Frederick Pitcher of Nauru

In December 2007, Pitcher was appointed Finance Minister of Nauru, to serve in the Administration of President Marcus Stephen.
Pitcher was elected to the Parliament of Nauru in 2004, and served in the second Administration of President Ludwig Scotty.
It appears that Pitcher has dual citizenship.
Previously, asylum seekers sent to Nauru under the Australian Government's Pacific Solution have spent as long as five years on the island but Mr Pitcher says such delays are unacceptable.
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Mr Pitcher says a welcoming ceremony was held for the 82 asylum seekers who arrived on Nauru yesterday.
Mr Pitcher says the six-month time period could be extended if their are reasonable circumstances.
Nauru's acting Foreign Minister Frederick Pitcher says he has told the Australian Government he wants the 82 Sri Lankans who arrived in his country yesterday, to be processed and off the island in six months.
Nauru's acting foreign minister Frederick Pitcher said Australia had taken too long to process the claims of Iraqi asylum seekers held previously on the island.
We would rather see them processed and taken off the island as soon as possible, Mr Pitcher said to ABC radio.