Minister Assisting the President Kieren Keke of Nauru

and his actions were no longer accountable.
The speaker of Parliament, Russell Kun claimed that Keke is not a Nauruan citizen.
Keke was also arrested along with Baron Waqa, David Adeang and Fabian Ribauw in April 2004 and charged with sedition after a protest at Nauru's airport, but the charges were soon dropped.
Keke was reelected to Parliament in October 2004, and retained his post as health minister.
After Scotty was ousted in another vote on December 19 and Marcus Stephen (a cousin of Kieren Keke) was elected President, Keke was named Minister of Foreign Affairs, Telecommunications, and Transport.
Keke had previously been regarded as a reformist, both through his participation in the Administration of Ludwig Scotty, and because of the reformist discourse of the Nauru First Party, of which Keke is a prominent member.
In April 2008 Keke was reelected to the Parliament of Nauru and was retained as a leading member of the Administration of President Marcus Stephen.
Nauru's Chief Justice gave an opinion earlier this week that Dr Keke remained an MP, but he would not be drawn into giving an opinion on Dr Keke's suspension.
Dr Keke says the Speaker went one step further yesterday.
Dr Keke said occupancy of the only hospital had risen by 140 per cent since the start of the hunger strike on December 10, straining its resources.
But Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone said Dr Keke had not raised concerns about medical resources when two government envoys visited the island before Christmas.
Dr Keke said he would be forced to rethink the provision of care to the 35 hunger strikers if it continued to detract from the delivery of health care to Nauruans.
During the course of this investigation, the former high commissioner for Nauru, Mr Ludwig Keke advised the Fiji Police through a letter dated December 4, 2006, that Mr Kieren Keke was in Fiji in his capacity as a government minister for the government of the Republic of Nauru, and he was covered under the jurisdictions of the Vienna on Diplomatic Relations associated with Diplomatic Immunities and Privileges.
As a result of the advice from the Nauru High Commissioner in Fiji, the investigation against Mr Kieren Keke was closed and no further action taken.
Offshore Processing or Detention Centre.
Keke is going to have a lot of pressure put on him to keep everything very closed, rather than have a transparent and independently reviewable medical service.
Dr Keke said the government of Nauru was working towards developing the other industries nominated in the ADB report, including canvassing interest in the banking sector with a view to re-establishing proper banking services within the country.
Dr Keke says Mr Smith showed a willingness to share views of a range of issues aimed at minimising the economic impact of the centre shutting down.
Dr Keke says the talked about the revitalised phosphate industry and other sectors they are trying to develop.
One of the doctors, general practitioner Rohan Vora, said Dr Keke had buckled under Australian government pressure through its aid program.
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advance, before the planes left Australia.
Dr Keke said employees commonly used their wages to support up to four local families and the centre's imminent closure, coupled with dire employment prospects, would have a ripple effect on hundreds of families.
Dr Keke said his Government would ask Canberra to keep Australian immigration officials in charge of managing the facility during its transition phase and to make a capital contribution to transforming the centre into a revenue-generating facility, a process likely to take 12 months.
Dr Keke said he would ask Canberra to open Australia's labour market to Nauruan guest workers to offset job losses resulting from the centre's closure.
Dr Keke said Nauru had received a lot of negative press for its involvement in the Pacific Solution, but had tried to make the asylum-seekers time in the centre as humane as possible.
Foreign Minister Kieren Keke said 100 Nauruans were employed directly by the centre and about 1000 people, 10 per cent of Nauru's population, relied on those workers to support them.
Prior to the vote, Keke said a change was needed to maintain good governance in Nauru.
We are determined not to see a return to the bad old days where issues of this nature were covered up by less-than-transparent administrations," Keke said in a statement.
Nauru’s former Health Minister Dr Kieren Keke had been leading a group of MPs angry with Scotty’s administration over alleged corruption.
But a spokesman for Keke said a no-confidence vote this morning had succeeded and Scotty was no longer president.
In a statement last night Keke said it was regrettable that Scotty had not taken action against Adeang.
Keke said as "the needs of the hunger strikers begin to impact more on the delivery of healthcare to Nauruans, then we will be left with no other choice but to rethink our approach to providing care to the hunger strikers.
In September 2004 he became controversial after stating that Health Minister Kieren Keke was ineligible to serve.
President of the National Youth Council for Nauru and the Hon.