Minister for Health Matthew Batsiua of Nauru

JOHN LOMBARD: Matthew Batsiua says the Nauruan Government expects the whole processing project to take about three months.
One MP, who is siding with the three ministers, Matthew Batsiua said the Presidents inaction goes against the principles under which the government was returned in the elections three months ago.
Matthew Batsiua is in charge of health.
Mr Batsiua said the protesters had been encouraged to cause disruption by their member of parliament and opposition leader, Rene Harris.
Mr Batsiua said that on Friday, about 30 landowners from the Aiwo district invaded a power station on their land, and demanded it be shut down.
Mr Batsiua said the protesters were persuaded to leave but in the interim the police station was burnt down at about 1am on Saturday.
Mr Batsiua denied reports that teenagers had been deputised to deal with the situation.
Mr Batsiua said nobody was injured.