Deputy Prime Minister Bamdev Gautam of Nepal

Have you heard about cyber law? Nepal’s home minister Bamdev Gautam is to bring the new cyber law because he thinks crimes are committed in cyber cabins.
Gautam is a former deputy prime minister.
the government if they do not sincerely want to cooperate.
Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Bamdev Gautam has reached Koshi flood-affected areas to inspect the latest situation and take stock of progress in providing facilities to the displaced people, Tuesday.
Minister Gautam said that he would boost the moral of civil servants and ensure their security and equip them with resources and new technology.
Among the newly elected ministers Deputy Prime and Home Minister Bamdev Gautam is former Home Minister.
Referring the CPN UML�s support extended tothe Chand government formed following the dismissal of the Deuba government, Gautam said the 18-point agenda of the agitating parties did not hold any meaning unless the Deuba government is reinstated.
However, Gautam demanded that the king should call an all party meet in palace to find a solution to resolve the present crisis.
Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Bamdev Gautam has said that the army integration will be completed without hassles.
Gautam knows that his first order of business is to restore law and order, but his promise to improve the security situation "within six months" may be easier said than done.
Gautam says no one is above the law and he will come down hard on the YCL and Youth Force if they break it, but for that he may need to first work out an agreement within his own party and with his prime minister.
Will he do things any differently? Will there be an agreement between the Maoist prime minister and the UML home minister on how to run things? The fact that Gautam is closer to the Maoists than some of his UML colleagues would be a plus point for coordination.
I keep thinking Bamdev Gautam is best suited for the job in the interim government.
Overall I think Bamdev Gautam has the resolve to do the job.
All Nepal Peasant Association (ANPA) chairperson, Comrade Bamdev Gautam said that multi-nationals are endangering the professions of farmersStruggle for press freedom Government release former deputy prime minister bamdev gautam , former local development minister Krishna gopal shrestha CPN UML leader Bamdev GautamUncertain prospects in Nepal Underground Maoists, however, found an ardent supporter of their cause in CPN(ML) general secretary Bamdev Gautam.
Bamdev Gautam is a straight talking, tough individual and the only sin he had committed was in leaving the party for a while.
The official party candidate Naresh Kharel, who had the blessing of Bamdev Gautam has been defeated in the election of the District Development Committee.
com Another senior UML leader Bamdev Gautam said that the Nepalese now do not want any kind of monarchy in Nepal, be it ceremonial or otherwiseUML leaders Gautam, Shrestha released - Nepal News Dailyrediff.
Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Bamdev Gautam has revealed that he is facing flak from his party Unified Marxist Leninist (UML) because he refused to entertain party recommendations for sending policemen on foreign duties, reports Nepal Samacharpatra daily.
DPM Gautam said he refused to entertain the recommendations and even ended the system of sending policemen to foreign duty based on such preferences.
Koirala meets Vajpayee, Shyam Saran Kathmandu Post, Nepal Visiting CPN-UML leader Bam Dev Gautam is also continuing his consultations in Delhi.
Gautam is also meeting key cabinet ministers, PM Singh and UPA leader Gandhi later in the week.
Talking to journalists here today, Gautam said writing a new constitution and restoring law and order were the top agenda of the government.
Gautam said the government would talk to some underground and armed outfits which were fighting for a political cause and deal with other groups accordingly.
Kathmandu, Oct 6 (ANI): Nepal Home Minister Bamdev Gautam has said that the army integration will be completed without hassles.
Gautam said that the security situation in the country will be maintained up to full satisfaction within next six months, Nepalnews reported.
Bamdev Gautam has opined that he is totally against the idea of preserving the monarchy.
when UML was split and created ML.
Tue, Sep 23 03:35 PMKathmandu, Sept 23 (ANI): Nepal Home Minister Bamdev Gautam has said that the government would soon decide the fate of Tibetan refugees residing in Nepal as the country would no longer be able to bear the burden they cause.
Talking to reporters here on Monday, Gautam said that the government will soon decide in the matter through review of the existing laws or by giving them the status of Nepali citizens.
Speaking at the 15th central committee meeting of the UML, on Tuesday, Gautam said other parties including the Nepali Congress (NC) were regressive and wanted some kind of monarchy.
Gautam said he was continuing efforts to unite with the Maoists.
Reportedly, the UML leader Gautam is learnt to have taken this request by the Maoist chief Prachanda in a positive light and has promised that he would put this before his partys high command.
Bamdev Gautam knows his party doesn't really have a future without coming to some kind of an agreement with the UML.
KATHMANDU: Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Bamdev Gautam has said a major reshuffle was underway in home administration and security agencies.
Gautam was to be allotted the Home portfolio.
Bamdev Gautam chaired the session and confidently asserted Food Sovereignty as the new rule that should prevail all over the world.