Minister of Law, Justice, and Constituent Assembly Dev Gurung of Nepal

After the party had declared People's War in 1996, Gurung was arrested.
Gurung was released by the state, in exchange for a police officer, Thule Rai, who had been captured by the Maoists.
After the fall of King Gyanendra's direct rule in 2006, Gurung was nominated to the interim legislature of Nepal.
In December 2006, as the CPN(M) leadership was reorganised, Gurung was included in the 11-member central secretariat of the party.
Gurung was assigned to lead the ethnic front work of the party.
When the Maoists joined the government in April 2007, Gurung was included as Minister for Local Development.
After extended power-sharing discussions between parties, Gurung was appointed as Minister of Law and Justice in a Cabinet headed by CPN (M) Chairman Prachanda and sworn in on August 22, 2008.
Maoist leader and local development minister Dev Gurung has said that ethnicity-based federalism is the appropriate way to solve the problems facing the country.
Speaking at an interaction at the Reporters Club on Wednesday, leader Gurung said that if the Nepali Congress and Prime Minister Koirala agrees for the establishment of democratic republican set up in the country, all outstanding issues of the talks will be resolved within a hour.
At a time when management of the Maoists arms is considered as a major hindrance for the success of peace talks, leader Gurung said that management of Maoist arms is a technical issue and it would be resolved immediately after setting the political agendas.
POST REPORT KATHMANDU, Oct 20 - Maoist central leader Dev Gurung has said that the country needs to revamp its economic policy to make Nepal a prosperous poverty-free country by eliminating long-running feudalist attitude.
Indicating towards poor governance, Gurung said that 80 percent of the budget is leaked due which poor people in the rural areas never see real development.
Claiming that an interim government including the Maoists should have announced the budget, Gurung said it would be difficult to implement the budget programmes as it was being brought without political settlement.
Parbat, June 12:Maoist leader and Minister for Local Development Dev Gurung said today that his party will not make a compromise on the issue of selecting president.
Minister Gurung said his party will launch an agitation if Prime Minister Girirja Prasad Koirala or CPN-UML leader Madhav Kumar Nepal is made president of the country.
Gurung is a common surname among ethnic Nepalis, with approximately 15% of all Nepalis sharing the surname.
in New York City talking about his vision for a new Nepal.
to the UN, earlier today, Minister Deb Prasad Gurung met With Mr.
Minister Gurung is here for the UNPFII’s Seventh Session.
Maoist leader and Minister for Local Development Dev Prasad Gurung said the former kings statement was full of feudal arrogance and haughtiness.
Gurung is the minister of local development.
As the Maoist-led government wants to maintain smooth bilateral relations between the two neighboring countries—India and China -, ‘PM Prachanda would not use any card against any country’, Minister Gurung said speaking with journalists at the Reporters’ Club Nepal.
Terming the ministerial protocol debate as a technical one, Gurung said that the problem would be sorted out after PM’s return from China.
CPN (Maoist) leader and local development minister Dev Gurung has said his party would not allow monopoly of foreign capital.
com, Palten Gurung had won in last general election in 2056 B.
Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist-Leninist) candidate Mangal Gurung had withdrawn his candidacy supporting Dev Gurung.
Addressing a programme organized by the Newar National Liberation Front (NNLF) in Kathmandu on October 25, Gurung said that the NC and the NC-D are playing the most regressive roles in the talks.
Maoist leader Dev Prasad Gurung said the issue was just a technical matter and they would be able to sort it out after the PM returns from China.
Gurung said even in the interim cabinet led by Girija Prasad Koirala, Nepali Congress’ Ram Chandra Poudel was the second in ranking after the PM though UML leader Shahana Pradhan was senior to Poudel.
Gurung said the largest ruling party should hold the second position in the cabinet so that he could be trusted while delegating authority while the PM was away.
Minister for Local Development and Maoist leader Dev Gurung has said his party reached conclusion to announce republic from the street as Prime Minister didnt prepare himself to declare republic from the parliament.
Speaking at face to face in reporters club on Saturday, Minister Gurung said that there was no other option than to hit the street as the PM remained deaf to their demands.
Asked why the Maoist was impatient to wait a few more days as suggested by the PM, minister Gurung said We cant wait, we quit the government and go into movement.
CPN (Maoist) candidate and local development minister Dev Gurung has come out victorious in the sole constituency in Manang district securing 1652votes.
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In a meeting with Maoist party cadres in the district, Gurung said that party workers should exercise restraint and patience in the changed scenario of the country.
Gurung said initially the Maoists had said they would take part in the April election from outside since they considered the Koirala cabinet to be "monolithic" and dominated by the premier and his Nepali Congress.
Meanwhile, talking to Nepal FM, one of the private FM stations of the country, this morning, one of the members of the Maoist talks team Dev Gurung said that it is not possible to finalize areas for Maoist cantonments within three days.