Minister of Environment, Science, and Technology Ganesh Shah of Nepal

Speaking on the occasion, Minister Shah expressed the need to develop such plants in other institutions as well to curtail the energy need and reduce the municipal waste in the country.
Minister Shah said there was a dire need for a scientific revolution in Nepal.
Minister for Environment, Science and Technology Ganesh Shah said the task of constitution writing would not be complete without active participation of the Nepali Congress (NC.
Moreover, Minister Shah said NC’s delay to select the parliamentary party leaders was hindering various issues.
Minister for Environment, Science and Technology Ganesh Shah said the new constitution would state on the ownership of local people in the natural resources.
Minister for Environment, Science and Technology and Pro-Chancellor of Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) Ganesh Shah said the investment in science and technology (ST) was essential to make Nepal new and prosperous.
Addressing a programme organized to mark the 26th Anniversary of the NAST here today, Minister Shah expressed commitment that his ministry would increase the investment in the sectors of environment and climate change.
Stressing on IT as the ruling factor at the world level Shah said IT is in highest demand at the world level, but in the context of Nepal people are lagging far behind.
Focusing on the PPP concept, Shah said IT sector would generate huge employment opportunities.
Ganesh Shah is the General Secretary; there are three Secretariat members�Sunil Manadhar, Thakur Sharma, and Kedar Chandra Sharma; there is a total of 22 Central Committee members.
Ganesh Shah is the general secretary of the party and Chandra Dev Joshi, is the party chairman.
Gorkha is that place where Prithvi Narayan Shah was born.
Terming the issue of climate change as the most important aspect of human life, Minister Shah said everything from forest to river come under this.
Shah is an engineer and is supposed to know a bit about what he is expected to do.