Minister of Youth and Sports Gopal Shakya of Nepal

KATHMANDU, Sep 5:Minister for Youth and Sports Gopal Shakya said that he was committed to prepare the budget for sports according to the sports programmes scheduled for next year.
Speaking at a welcome program organised by National Sports Council (NSC), newly appointed minister Shakya said that he would put forth new sports policy very soon.
Minister Shakya said that there was also the need of restructuring the sports sector.
NSC had suspended A and B division league football on Thursday.
The Youth and Sports Minister Gopal Shakya was the chief at the party’s central contact forum.
Speaking to the media after inaugurating the Third General Cconvention of the Citizens’ Multipurpose Cooperative Organisation in Bhaktapur district today, Minister Shakya said that it is inappropriate to keep the name of the shield after the former royalties even after the country has become republic.
Sports Minister To Handle The Football Dispute2008-11-04 08:35:53Minister for Youth and Sports Gopal Shakya has said he will himself attempt to put an end to the football dispute.
Earlier, Youth and Sports Minister Gopal Shakya had inaugurated the assembly.