Minister of Information and Communications Krishna Bahadur Mahara of Nepal

Krishna Bahadur Mahara is a Nepalese politician, belonging to the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist.
We will lead the government as we are the biggest party,” spokesman Krishna Bahadur Mahara said on the sidelines of a Maoist central committee meeting in Kathmandu.
Mahara has also urged the general public to be wary of ''regressive royal elements" who are taking undue advantage of the situation.
Our party appeals to the general public to remain alert towards such incidents and observe restraint and carry out peaceful protests," Mahara said in the press statement.
Mahara said the strikes in which schools and businesses closed down highlighted the grassroots support elicited by the Maoists.
Mahara said that the environment for talks was yet to be crated.
Mahara said allegations of extortion, abduction and continuing recruitment in the Maoist army were unfounded.
Communication minister and senior Maoist leader Krishna Bahadur Mahara has said that his party will accept whatever result the 'peaceful constituent assembly election' produces.
On a question regarding the continuing row wit the CPN-UML over electoral alliance, Mahara said UML has not shown readiness for such an alliance.
CNN) -- Krishna Bahadur Mahara is one of three top Maoist leaders in Nepal.
Labelled a terrorist by Kathmandu, Mahara has been rumored to have been killed twice in encounters with Nepalese armies.
Kathmandu, July 26 : CPN-Maoist spokesperson Krishna Bahadur Mahara has said that President Dr.
Mahara said the Maoist leaders have informed the president that the three points raised by them during an all-party meeting Thursday were not preconditions for government formation under their leadership but ways to make for a conducive atmosphere.
Mahara said a "national political conference" attended by all political parties including the rebels and the civil society should form an interim government to hold a planned election for a special assembly to decide the future political set up of the Himalayan nation and draft a new constitution.
Mahara said the rebels were prepared to place their weapons under the supervision of the UN or any other "credible" international organisation only if the army did too.
Mahara is to talk with Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula.
That ceasefire is due to end in July, but Mahara said the Maoists want to turn it into a permanent truce.
Krishna Bahadur Mahara is not in Kathmandu these days.
Kathmandu, May 1 : Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) Maoist leader and Minister for Information and Communication Krishna Bahadur Mahara said on Thursday that the Maoist are ready to lead the next government without the help of other parties if the latter did not want to join the next government.
Mahara said that the "absurd logic" of disbandment of his party's youth front Young Communist League (YCL) were of no use anymore.
Minister Mahara said as per the plan, the government would set up at least one phone line in every polling booth by the time of the constituent assembly polls and also extend its support to the media to publicize about the constituent assembly polls.
Mahara said the state-run telecom has already started reconstruction of the communication infrastructures destroyed during the decade-long armed conflict.
Maoist spokesperson Krishna Bahadur Mahara has alleged the royal palace of conspiring to assassinate the top 8-party leaders.
Talking to Nepalnews, Mahara said a CD documenting the plot of the royal palace to assassinate the top leaders was handed over to Speaker Subas Nemwang today.
Mahara said the Maoists would raise the issue at the next meeting of the top leaders of the eight parties.
Chief Maoist negotiator Krishna Bahadur Mahara has said the peace talks cannot move ahead until there is understanding on the political issues.
Mahara said weapons can be managed in three phases.
Speaking to reporters in Narayangarh in Nepal's western Chitwan District, Mahara said since Nepal continued to have two governments -- the Seven Party Alliance headed by Prime Minister G.
Minister for Information and Communication Krishna Bahadur Mahara has said that suspicions over holding the Constituent Assembly (CA) polls were over.
Speaking at a press meet organized by Revolutionary Journalists Association-Dang in Ghorahi today, Minister Mahara said the partys filing of candidacy in all 75 districts on Monday shows that the CA polls would be held on the scheduled date.
Mahara said that those who wanted to retain the status quo were working against the mandate given to the Maoists in the April 10 elections.
For most of the past year, while Maoist guerrillas were launching one of the most brutal campaigns ever against the Nepalese government, Krishna Bahadur Mahara lived in hiding.
Mahara is waging a very different kind of People's War, as they call their insurgency, to change Nepal's social and political system from within.
But Mahara says his party is ready to seek its goals - an egalitarian republic, led by his party - without the gun.
The government will be formed on the basis of consensus among the political parties," Mahara said at a programme.
Prachanda is leading in Kathmandu -10 and Badal is leading in Chitawan �2 while Mahara is leading in Dang -3.
We are watching this with suspicion,” Mahara said to applause and whistle-blowing.
Mahara was chief of a three-member rebel team who held peace talks with the government in 2001.
Dr Bhattarai is Finance Minister while Mahara is Minister for Information and Communication in Prachanda-led government.
Coincidentally, the Maoist ministers Dev Prasad Gurung and Krishna Bahadur Mahara had entered the PM residence in a vehicle without any national flags giving an impression that they were going to resign.
Although NC senior leader KC claimed that the Maoists had agreed to devise a constitutional provision for keeping a member of the opposition party in the constitution council, Maoist senior leader Mahara denied any such agreement.
Similarly, addressing the draft handover function, coordinator of the Maoists peace talks team Krishna Bahadur Mahara said the interim constitution once enforced will provide a new basis for confidence in the ongoing peace process.