Minister of Land Reform and Management Matrika Yadav of Nepal

Yadav had led a strong team of Maoist combatants and forcibly re-occupied land restored to one Birendra Saha in Siraha on Monday.
Minister Yadav was accompanied by Maoist Constituent Assembly members from the district Mahendra Paswan and Jagat Yadav, Maoist district in-charge Dilip Sah and armed members of the People Liberation Army (PLA), among others.
Minister Yadav had reached the district Monday morning on hearing that police had chased away the occupiers on the land and house.
As our Maoist ministers scurry to stamp their mark on statecraft, Matrika Prasad Yadav has emerged the clear frontrunner.
Of them all, Matrika Yadav is under the greatest urgency to act.
In one sense, Matrika Yadav is the only minister who really believes the interim government is coalition between the Seven Party Alliance and the Maoists, not one where the eight parties have struck a partnership of equality.
Matrika Yadav resigns over land seizure controversyNepals Minister for Land Reform and Management Matrika Yadav has forwarded his resignation to Prime Minister Prachanda here today.
Speaking at a press conference in Mirchaiya today, Yadav said that he would resign from the party and the ministerial post if the government interferes and creates obstacle on the reconstruction.
Talking to reporters upon their release, senior leader of the CPN (Maoist) Matrika Yadav said his party won?t sit for negotiations with the government unless all the Maoist detainees were freed.
Yadav was the chief of the "Madheshi Autonomous People's Government" declared by the Maoists while Ale Magar is a leader of the indigenous people?s front affiliated to the Maoists.
POST REPORT KATHMANDU, Nov 1 - The government Monday said that Maoist leader Matrika Prasad Yadav was in legal preventive detention of the concerned authority.
The habeas corpus writ petition seeking Yadav’s release deserves to be quashed in the context that Yadav is being kept in preventive detention with the concerned body abiding by the law," read a written reply from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) to the Supreme Court today.
Yadav was deported to Nepal by the Indian government in February early this year, but has not been produced before any court till now.
This is the second time Yadav has resigned from the government.
Claiming that there was also involvement of top government officials in the smuggling of red sandalwood, Minister for Forest and Soil Conservation Matrika Yadav said he would expose the smugglers before the public.
Speaking at a program organized by Nepal Rangers Association on the occasion of its 18th anniversary in the capital Monday, minister Yadav said smuggling in the forest sector was continually rise because of some rapacious government employees.
According to sources, Minister Yadav took back the resignation after holding an extensive meeting with Prachanda Thursday night.
In his resignation letter Minister Yadav had shown dissatisfaction over the ongoing talks with criminal groups operating in Tera.
Minister Yadav had also accused the Home Ministry of supporting the smugglers involved in smuggling of the precious red sandalwood.
Likewise, Yadav had alleged that the Ministry of General Administration was acting like an opponent by not supporting the forest ministrys decision to transfer some employees to rein in the corrupt ones.
Senior CPN (Maoist) leader Matrika Yadav said the lands of "feudal lords" that Maoists had seized would never be returned just because somebody was saying so.
In the second week of September, the then Land Reforms Minister Yadav had led an armed Maoist team to retake a private house and land that had been emptied of illegal occupants in Ramnagar of Mirchaiya Village Development Committee of Siraha district, due to which he had to resign from his post.
When PM Dahal was in India tour, Yadav had locked the horns with Acting Prime Minister and Home Minister Bamdev Gautam and the MPRF and recaptured the private plots of land and property immediately after the police administration demolished the huts built in the land and removed the forceful occupants.
Upendra Yadav was let go after a couple of months, while Matrika Yadav and Mohan Baidya were handed over to Nepali authorities and were released in 2006.
Gupta said that since Gaur, Yadav has not been allowed to move freely or explain "his side of the story.
Minister for Forest and Soil Conservation Matrika Yadav has withdrawn his resignation.
Yadav had tendered his resignation to communication minister Krishna Bahadur Mahara, who leads the five-member Maoist team in the cabinet, to be forwarded to Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala.
Yadav is learnt to have been at loggerheads with a faction of Madhesi leaders of his party.
Minister for Land Reform and Management Matrika Yadav has forwarded his resignation to Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Friday afternoon.
In his resignation submitted to PM Dahal, Yadav has accused Madhesi Janadhikar Forum and CPN (UML), partners in the current coalition government, of being anti-people parties.
Former minister and CPN (Maoist) leader Matrika Yadav has warned that he will leave his party and wage a new round of armed struggle if it abandons the Madhesi cause.
The day the party (Maoist party) abandons the Madhesi cause and is no longer generous to the issue of Madhesi liberation will also be my last day in the party, Yadav said at a press meet organised by Maoist-affiliated Revolutionary Journalist Association in Saptari Wednesday, Then I will raise arms to ensure Madhesi rights.
Tue, 01 Jan 2008: Kathmandu, Sept 19 (ANI): Nepal's Minister for Land Reform and Management Matrika Yadav has forwarded his resignation to Prime Minister Prachanda here today.
Kathmandu, Sept 19 (ANI): Nepal's Minister for Land Reform and Management Matrika Yadav has forwarded his resignation to Prime Minister Prachanda here today.
n his resignation submitted to Prachanda, Yadav has accused the Madhesi Janadhikar Forum and CPN (UML) of being anti-people parties.
Talking to media persons here on Thursday, Yadav said that since the issue of land administration falls under his ministry, it was unnecessary for Bam Dev Gautam to send police to 'free the land captured by Maoist cadres' in Mirchaiya of Siraha district.
In the process, minister Yadav is learnt to have made satirical comments against Girija and his family members alleging that some “highly influential” personality from the Koirala family had tacit links with the Red-Sandal Wood smugglers and that is why the said smuggling of the wood had been made possible into Nepal.
The internal feud in between Saha and Yadav took an ugly turn which forced Comrade Prachanda to sack Matrika from his leadership post in Madhesh.
Their criticisms will not stop what Matrika Yadav is doing now.
Some even said that Matrika Yadav has gone underground.
Maoists in Nepal have arrived the blind alley on the false path of 'New Democracy' and 'two stage theory' of revolution.
Matrika Yadav is a sincere comrade, but he must know where lies the root cause of this counter revolution.
Yadav is metal retarted as like same mr Kumari RayCommented by Danielle - October 16, 2008 @ 10:23 AMI think he has done a great job in favour of the landlessand poor people of Nepal.
Yadav is always right but the incident was not in his favour.
What Yadav has done that was also in favour of poor people.
Commented by smile - October 4, 2008 @ 4:11 AMMatrika yadav is nothing more than crazy guy who has spoiled the reputation of Ministerial post and now spoiling the reputation of Maoists.
Commented by jigree - October 2, 2008 @ 10:58 PMDistribution of land to Dalits and poor by Matrika Yadav is absolutely right.
Yadav is a minister he has the right to take the law in his hand.
Thanking the landless people for their courage to seize the land belonging to Shanti Singh, elder sister of former king Gyandedra, in Simara-2, Yadav said he would retaliate if anybody tried to protest the seizure.
Yadav said the campaign to grab the land by the landless would begin from Siraha just like the "people's revolution" had begun from Rolpa.
Yadav said he had 'wisely' directed the landless to make huts in the land seized by Maoist cadres in Siraha after the Home Minister tried to stop them from doing so.
Refuting media reports that he was planning to quit the Maoists and join the group of Jay krishna Goit or form a separate outfit, Yadav said he would struggle from within the party even if the party took action against him.
Yadav said a few Maoist leaders of Bhojpura region were trying to grab his position by spreading rumours against him.
Yadav described prison life as cramped but bearable, with frequent games of chess and table tennis interspersed with classes on communist ideology.
Minister for Forest and Soil Conservation Matrika Yadav took oath of office after briefly boycotting the swearing-in ceremony insisting that he would take oath only in Maithili, his mother tongue.