Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal of Nepal

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After a series of meeting with world leaders and US top officials, Dahal has been reaching out to the general public and the Nepali diaspora.
In the first high-level official visit of the government of China, Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi arrived in Kathmandu for a visit.
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Meanwhile, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal is scheduled to visit Home Minister Gautam.
Interestingly, the die-hard communist Dahal was once employed at a rural development project of USAID, a US government agency, in Jajarkot district in 1975.
Unchallenged leader within the party circle, Dahal has lately developed a new ideological path for the party, known as Prachandapath.
Briefly speaking to media persons at the Delhi airport, PM Dahal said he expected his visit to be fruitful in garnering Indian support for the peace process, economic development and constitution-making process.
Dahal is scheduled to meet his Indian counterpart Dr Manmohan Singh in the evening.
PM Dahal is scheduled to call on Indian president Pratibha Patil and hold bilateral talks with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh during his stay in New Delhi.
PM Dahal is accompanied by Water Resource Minister Bishnu Poudel, chief secretary Bhoj Raj Ghimire and Water Resource Secretary Shankar Koirala.
Being the eldest, Dahal was supposed to help his father in the fields to support the large family, but instead his father insisted he get good education and, much like many poor Nepali family hoped, grow up to become a big person.
Thereafter, Dahal came back to his hometown Chitwan to enroll in the US-funded Agriculture College in Rampur, a hotbed for student politics during the party-less Panchayati era, and from there finished his graduation.
During the war, Dahal took a new name - Prachanda - meaning awesome as he headed the guerrilla People's Liberation Army.
Kathmandu, Aug 15 (IANS): When Chhabilal Dahal was born to a Brahmin farmer's family in southern Chitwan district on Dec 11, 1954, no one could predict the mewling baby would one day oust Nepal's omnipotent royal dynasty and transform the laidback Hindu Himalayan kingdom into a secular federal republic.
Pushpa Kamal Dahal was born in the district of Kaski on December 11, 1954.
In the April 10, 2008 Constituent Assembly elections Dahal was elected from Kathmandu Constituency-10, and Rolpa Constituency-2.
Speaking briefly to reporters, Dahal said he would put Nepal's views during his speech at the UN.
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Newly elected PM Pushpa Kamal Dahal is sworn-in.
Newly elected PM Pushpa Kamal Dahal is sworn-in on Monday by president Dr.