Ambassador to the US Suresh Chandra Chalise of Nepal

Chalise took his time to meet the NAFCA family from Davis, Sacramento, and Woodland community and answer their questions and concerns at the International House in Davis.
We got the sense that Ambassador Chalise is a very effective Ambassador.
We all appreciated that Ambassador Chalise took the time from his busy schedule to meet with the people from the Davis, Woodland and Sacramento areas to hear our concerns and answer our questions.
Speaking on the challenges of Post-Constituent Assemblyelections, ambassador Chalise said that "Apart from the challenges of huge Rehabilitation and Reconstruction; the Unity among forward looking forces till Nepal promulgates a new constitution, Restructuring of State and successfully holding of general elections on the basis of new constitution; will be the major challengestobe faced by the transitional Nepal.
Suresh Chandra Chalise said Nepal has gone through a revolutionary change- from monarchy to republic and currently it is the youngest republic of the world and needs support from her friends- especially in the areas of economic development.
Suresh Chandra Chalise had gone to Chicago to interact with American business community where he also briefed investors about the improvement of security and investment climate in Nepal.
Chalise has also represented Nepal in the United Nations and in China, and has taken part in many international forums as a Nepali representative.
Prime Minister's Foreign Affairs Advisor Suresh Chandra Chalise said he had discussed with Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Sun Heping, recently about Nepal's desire to join the six-member SCO.
The Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers has stated that Dr Suresh Chandra Chalise has been appointed advisor to Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala.
Dr Chalise had been the foreign affairs advisor of NC President Koirala for the last three years.
Chalise was quoted by Kantipur, as saying.
Chalise is presently on an official visit to China.