Minister of Foreign Affairs Upendra Yadav of Nepal

Upendra Yadav is a Nepalese politician and chairman of the Madhesi Janadhikar Forum (MJF), an organisation that works for Madhesi interests.
Before creating the Forum, Upendra Yadav was a Maoist cadre.
Yadav was subsequently appointed as Minister of Foreign Affairs and sworn in on August 22, 2008; he was one of four MJF members included in the Cabinet.
Yadav was making his views at the Constituent Assembly meeting today.
Yadav was referring to the ongoing nation wide protests against Vice President of the Republic, Honorable Parmananda Jha for taking oath of the office in India’s national language, Hindi.
For a long time last year, particularly after the Gaur massacre, Upendra Yadav lived more like a man on the run than a politician who had shot to fame because of a street movement.
From the outskirts of Birganj to a housing estate in Patna, from the lanes of Teku to a sympathiser's house in Gaushala, Yadav was constantly on the move.
Yadav has shown incredible survival skills and a sharp political sense, aided by a fair amount of luck.
And now Upendra Yadav is coming into his own as a national leader.
Yadav was in New York City, July 3-6, 2007.
Yadav was born in a village called Bhagbatpur, Saptari district.
Upendra Yadav was kind enough to manage some thirty minutes from his tight schedule.
Snubbing the move by dissidents to remove him as chief of the Madhesi Janadhikar Forum (MJF), Upendra Yadav has appealed to the people of Madhes to prepare for the election of Constituent Assembly (CA.
If Upendra Yadav is seriously concerned, I am sure he is, then his statement – "any feudal system in the government is not acceptable" must come true in implementing federal governance system with the 'Bottom-Up' structure that can possibly eradicate feudal system and its elements with the proportional representations of all people of all communities in all units of the governments – central (federal), state and local.
If it does then the statement of Upendra Yadav is just speechifying.
Nepal Foreign Minister accuses Indian envoy of breaching diplomatic normsNepal Minister for Foreign Affairs Upendra Yadav today charged that the Indian Ambassador to Nepal, Rakesh Sood, has breached the diplomatic norms by meeting the former king without informing the Nepali foreign ministry.
There is no Madhesh in Nepal yet there are Madhesis here and they comprise merely ten percent of the total population”, said Kishor Kumar Biswas, the rebel Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum leader, who quit the party alleging that the party was trying to minimize the rights of the indigenous population of Tharus forwarding the idea of One Madhesh.
In a statement issued by the dissidents, they have announced that Yadav has been suspended and a new 'movement mobilisation committee' has been formed chaired by Bhagyanath Prasad Gupta.
Upendra Yadav was let go after a couple of months, while Matrika Yadav and Mohan Baidya were handed over to Nepali authorities and were released in 2006.
Gupta said that since Gaur, Yadav has not been allowed to move freely or explain "his side of the story.
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Yadav said the Forum delegation told the prime minister they cannot wait indefinitely for implementation of the agreement.
Yadav met the PM at the latter's residence and asked why did the government not table the supplementary Fifth Amendment Bill to the interim constitution in the legislative session of the Constituent Assembly in line with the February 28 agreement.
Chairman of the agitating Madheshi Peoples Rights Forum Upendra Yadav has said that the Maoist intervention in the forums program in Nepalgunj was the height of terrorism and militant philosophy.
yadav is 100% correct, but the leaders of SPA dont see it.
By siding with the NC-UML alliance in the election for the president and vice president, Madhesi Janadhikar Forum (MJF) Chairman Upendra Yadav has turned the course of Nepal’s political history upside down, moving it away from modernisation and change to the continuation of the status quo that offers no solution to Nepal’s multifaceted problems, causing unending poverty, social disintegration and loss of hope for most people trying for a mere survival.
In short, Yadav is convinced that his party as well as other Madhesi parties have faith in his leadership and will go along with his decision.
In a public statement justifying his switch of alliance for the presidential election, Yadav said that the Maoist party had betrayed him by putting up its own vice presidential candidate whereas the understanding reached earlier was that the MJF would back the Maoists’ choice for president in exchange for Maoist support for the MJF candidate, a Madhesi, for vice president.
On this count at least, Upendra Yadav is wrong and Bhattarai is right, with Yadav’s stance seemingly intended for securing immediate gains for his party which, however, overlooks long-term consequences of the decision being taken.
Ram Baran Yadav has become the country’s first president, the MJF’s future looks grim, and the worse case scenario is that the party will slowly wither away and swallowed up by the Nepali Congress (NC.
The vice presidency was not the bargaining point for this shift, as Upendra Yadav has claimed, since it is everyone’s knowledge that Jha, hitherto a little known retired judge with no political background, had little to contribute to the MJF’s image or its public acceptability.
Already, Yadav is being criticised for giving undue favours - in terms of allocation of electoral spots and party responsibilities - to Yadavs, in much a higher number than justified by the count of electorates.
New Delhi, Aug 29 (ANI): Nepal's Foreign Affairs Upendra Yadav has said that India has offered to help his country in tackling floods.
Kathmandu, Aug 25 (ANI): Nepali Foreign Minister Upendra Yadav has reportedly said that his country would keep an equal distance from both India and China since "the dynamics of diplomatic ties have changed.
Prachanda meets MPRF chief to discuss Govt.
Minister Upendra Yadav and other dignitaries.
Coordinator Upendra Yadav supported the proposal.
Upendra Yadav is not present in Kathmandu.
Upendra Yadav is already in New Delhi to attend the BIMSTEC meet.
People's Rights Forum chairman Upendra Yadav is expected to support him.
Foreign Minister of Nepal Shri Upendra Yadav said the new Government of Nepal would not allow any kind of anti-India activity whether it is by Islamic forces or any other group in Nepal.
Shri Yadav was in New Delhi on an official visit.
reckon in the newly half-formed government.
Upendra Yadav met Prime Minister G.